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IANH Launches Covid India Relief Fund

Press Release

IANH Launches Covid India Relief Fund

We are sure you are aware of the devastation Covid is causing in India. Covid was all but gone a month ago with daily new cases down to under 10,000. But everything has changed in the last one month. Currently, India is experiencing 350,000 new cases everyday and more than 3000 deaths every day based on official estimates. Informally, the tally is said to be much higher than that. 

It seems that a new highly infectious Covid variant is causing the current surge. This variant is also supposed to be more deadly and is causing widespread suffering in India. As a result, the Indian healthcare system has been totally overwhelmed. There are not enough beds, ventilators, and supply of oxygen in the hospitals. People are running from one hospital to the other to find an empty bed.

People who cannot find hospital beds are staying home and relying on the oxygen cylinders. India has enough capacity to produce oxygen but there are not enough tankers to transport oxygen and not enough cylinders to dispense oxygen. Many people are dying daily because of the unavailability of oxygen.

In this dire situation, we have determined that one of the best ways to help India is to rush oxygen concentrators and other needed supplies to India. The funds would also be used to support organizations that are helping fight this crisis in India.

We know that all of you want to help. So, we are launching IANH Covid India Relief Fund with immediate effect to alleviate the suffering in India. We want to assure you that every penny you donate will be utilized for Covid Relief in India. Not only that, we at IANH are committing $10,000 from our reserves to the IANH Covid India Relief Fund.

We are requesting you to donate generously at the earliest so together we
can do our part and make a difference and save lives in India. The need is urgent, and we would like you to support our effort as much and as soon as possible.

Here is how you can donate to the IANH Covid India Relief Fund:

.       Visit IANH website www.ianh.org and click on the donate button and use your credit card or PayPal to donate. Mention Covid India Relief in the memo field.

.       Mail a check payable to IANH to the official IANH Mailing Address:
India Association of New Hampshire
PO Box 3132
Manchester, NH 03105

We thank you for your generosity. If you have any questions, please feel
free to contact our Treasurer Anand Thippeswamy at treasurer@ianh.org.

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