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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes - From Theory To Reality

Press Release

According to CDC1, 1 in 3 adults in USA are prediabetics (over 88 million). And 80% them don’t even know they have it! Many people with prediabetes could develop type 2 diabetes within 5 years if they don’t do anything about it. 

Elevated glycemic markers are a major risk factor for heart disease, which is the most common cause of death among adults with diabetes mellitus. 

South Asians' Double Jeopardy 

  • Diabetes is 2 to 4 times more prevalent amongst South Asians. 
  • South Asians develop diabetes 10 to 15 years earlier than Caucasians.  

And 80% of diabetics die of heart disease 
You may have heard that before, but risks of this illness can be mitigated or even reversed. It's true! 

Come join us for a FREE Educational Webinar that contrasts reality and theory 

Preventing type 2 Diabetes: From Theory to Reality 
By Dr Vanita Aroda, Director, Diabetes Clinical Research, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School 


AIM to Prevent program  
Mr. Amit Akkad, Director ICC and Lifestyle Program Ambassador 

on Saturday May 1st, 2021, at 10 AM Eastern US time 

What you will learn 

  • Understand the evidence behind lifestyle intervention or metformin in the prevention of type 2 diabetes 
  • Know long-term effects of efforts to prevent type 2 diabetes 
  • Learn about the relationship of blood sugar control and long-term cardiovascular health  

Registration is required to attend. Click here to register

Please feel free to email us at lifestyle@ouricc.org if you have any questions about the webinar or the topics to be covered. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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ICC Lifestyle Management Program Team


Speakers for this webinar

Dr. Vanita Aroda, Director, Diabetes Clinical Research, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School

Dr Vanita Aroda is the Director of Diabetes Clinical Research at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA, and is Member of the Faculty of Harvard Medical School. 
Dr. Aroda has an interest and published record in diabetes prevention and novel therapeutics in diabetes and weight management. She also has a strong interest in understanding therapeutic interventions in large Phase 3 and 4 clinical trials and their applicability and integration into care. Dr. Aroda has years of experience in clinical trial conduct and leadership, has served asan investigator on the National Institutes of Health-funded GRADE, D2d, and DPPOS studies, and as the national or international signatory Principal Investigator for several phase 3 clinical trials. 

Mr. Amit Akkad, ICC Director and Lifestyle Program Ambassador

Mr. Amit Akkad is an Experienced Global Services Executive, currently working as VP of Operations at Ava Robotics with proven track record of growing profitable service revenues with excellent customer satisfaction. Recognized as an IT services expert. A leader with excellent strategic, analytical, communications and operational skills.
Mr. Akkad is Director of ICC and Lifestyle Ambassador serving community over the past couple of years.  He also works with multiple organizations to educate and inspire children of rural communities (Adivasi) in India for past few years.



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