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Local New England Community Comes Together With #ChaleChaloForIndia, 5K Walk To Support AIF For India COVID Response


The COVID-19 situation in India is dire and India is facing one of the worst covid outbreaks in the history of the pandemic.  The second wave is far deadlier than the first. The hospitals and paramedical services are overwhelmed. There is an extreme shortage of critical medical supplies. The images from India are difficult to witness, such as those of Indians with empty oxygen cylinders crowding refilling facilities, hoping to save loved ones in the hospital.

 New England Community organizations – IAGB, TAGB, IMANE, Vision-Aid, UIANE, NATS-Boston, BVIS, OSNE, TMM, NETS and others are joining hands for a virtual 5K Walk/Run - #ChaleChaloForIndia event to support #IndiaCovid19Response in this need of the hour.

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Please joins us in this IAGB’s 4th Virtual Annual 5K Walk/Run and support #IndiaCovid19Response with your donations

All proceeds from #ChaleChaloForIndia go to American India Foundation(www.aif.org) Covid response initiatives.

This event is a self-participating, non-staffed event where registrants will complete any chosen activity on their own. IAGB has identified 4 locations where registrants can also meet and participate in a group at the #ChaleChaloIAGB event. These are:


·       Heart Pond – Chelmsford – Bruce Freeman Trail

·       Bedford Minuteman Trail

·       Assabet River Rail Trail – Marlboro RR Station

·       Nashua Rail Road Trail


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