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Senthildass Is Back!

Meera Subramaniam

Indians in New England celebrated Valentine’s day in a new way this year with an evening concert by Senthil Dass and his music group. This troop of talented musicians which included full range percussionists, a variety of string players as well as keyboard artists kept us all swinging to their tunes from numerous tamil, telugu and hindi film songs.  Many of those brought us back the nostalgia of our childhood and made us yearn for more. The songs they sang during the performance were all requests from the audience through the Vibranz application.  By popular demand Senthil and his troop is back on Friday, the 16th of April from 7:00 PM  to 10:00 PM.  So don’t forget to sign up at the earliest using the link or QR code below and you get to make up to two requests of your favorite tracks.  Make sure grab your favorite beverage on a relaxing Friday evening and come swing n sway with us all!!  Keep spreading the word to all your friends and families too as this virtual concert can accommodate as many as we wish!!

Click here to buy your online concert pass: https://www.vibrnz.com/event/tamil-new-year-2021-celebrations-with-senthil-dass

* Proceeds from this concert will go towards helping musicians that have been affected by the COVID pandemic.

Watch his interview on Lokvani

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