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AIF Fellowship Program Gets A $5m Gift From Lata Krishnan And Ajay Shah


For 20 years, AIF has been sending a cohort of young professionals on a journey of service for impact through the Fellowship, building a “living bridge” between India and the US. At the cusp of the program’s third decade, AIF is seizing the moment to rebrand the program to reflect the mission, vision, and values moving into the next decade of action. We are thrilled to announce that the AIF William J. Clinton Fellowship is now the AIF Banyan Impact Fellowship.

With the largest gift in AIF’s history to make this possible, this program will build upon the past 20 years and lead for the next 20 as a true catalyst for change to build an equitable and sustainable world together. During AIF's recent Spring Gala, co-founders Lata Krishnan and Ajay Shah announced a $5 million gift to support the Fellowship program over 10 years. 

The Banyan Tree is a symbol of strength, resilience, and interconnectedness. We believe that it serves as a powerful metaphor for mobilizing a collective, cross-generational force towards sustainable impact. The process of the Banyan Tree spreading its roots, which over the course of time become trees of their own, is such a strong representation of how we want to see this program growing. Each step, each effort, and each individual becoming an agent of positive change, coming together as an ecosystem to support and amplify each other’s impact.

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