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Student's Yoga Participation Survey Form 2021

Sudhir Parikh

We have been requested to create a program for kids (Age 8-22) to deal with the current day to day stresses in their lives.
Kindly ask your Student - Child to participate in the yoga program and complete the below form with them to participate.

This is a FREE YOGA learning, practicing group- to learn how to deal with the daily physical, mental stresses and lead a stress free life! This Yoga Training will include how to remain Energetic, Enthusiastic and always Inspired! How YOGA practices can be applied to their specific Concerns in Student Life.

Feel free to share this form's links with your Families, Friends and your kids' friends too, who may be interested in it.
Please join us especially Students - First meeting is on Feb. 27th from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Make sure to send the Survey in.
Here is the LINK to complete the Survey :   

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