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Covid Relief Check

Satsang Center

One of the well wishers suggested that we are scheduled to receive $600 as Covid Relief Check. You may consider contributing some of the amount to SATSANG Center towards Covid funds. 

Please make your checks payable to SATSANG Center with Covid Funds in Memo.   

SATSANG will highly appreciate your contribution matching our expenses, if NOT crossing $100,000, even in this Pandemic Year! May God - your favorite Ishth Dev or Ishth Devi continue to bless you! For the last 19 years, ever since the Prem-Pratishtha of Our Moorthies in 2000, we have crossed $100,000/- every year.

Good News: SATSANG has reached the mark of $71,000 from $44,000 as of Nov. 22nd. Our expenses will be around $76,000 by the end of the year as some discretionary expenses were avoided this year. SATSANG highly appreciates your Contributions thus far. Please keep your Contributions coming so that SATSANG can cross the $100,000 target and can continue our programs, maintenance, and renovations. SATSANG has been blessed with Total Contributions between $130,000-$160,000 since the Prem Pratishtha of our Dev-Deviya. Let's make it happen even during this Pandemic year!

We hope that you have received your 2021 Calendar.  Be patient, if you have NOT received it yet !  Mails have been SLOW as it coming in by Slow Boat via China !  

Thank you SATSANGI Families! 

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