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In Conversation With Rejith Kumar

Ranjani Saigal

The Interview is in Thamizh. The transcript of the interview in English is provided. 

Ranjani: Welcome. Today, it is my pleasure and honor to welcome Rejith Kumar(RK) from Thrissur, Kerala to Lokvani. Rejithji - Welcome to Lokvani. For those of you who do not know Shri Rejith Kumar (RK), I would like to share an introduction. He is the founder of Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom (LMRK), an organization created with the direct blessing and inspirations of Lord Muruga. Rejith hailing from Thriussur was a youth who lived a usual life until 2003. On the day of his 30th birthday Lord Muruga gave him darshan via a dream that he would be under the patronage of the Muruga Himself from the age of 31. Since then Rejith Kumar has had several visions of Lord Muruga and has performed a variety of activities to improve humankind under the direct instruction and advice of Lord Muruga. 

Ranjani :Rejithji, I have rarely met anybody who has had such a divine and spiritual experience very personally. Could you share what it is like to have this Divine experience?  

Rejith Kumar: Sure and with pleasure. My life is being defined by Muruga Peruman’s blessings and revelations. My life can be viewed as two chapters. The first up to 28 yrs age and the other beyond 28 yrs and continuing. The first 28yrs was a normal life of a youth living in an Indian village. I did not visit temples much. Then in my 28th year, one day a dream /vision came in the form of light (Jyoti) introducing Himself as Lord Murugan and informed me that I would be under His protection after the age of 30. I was totally surprised, anxiety ridden and wondering what is going to happen to me at and after 30?. 

I went to Pazhani mountain, one of the temple abode of Lord Muruga and meditated. A couple of years passed without much incidence. I turned 30 and was engaged to be married. One day around 9:30 p.m when I was getting ready for bed, suddenly, I was semi-paralyzed. I could not open eyes but could hear sounds. I felt the presence of a child nearby and the child whispered “I am going to give you a mantra and you should repeat it three times”.  I heard a whisper and I was able to repeat the mantra and felt my tongue rolling and chanting correctly but until today I do not know what I uttered. The child left. Five minutes later my body started to become normal. I went to sleep and I could recall the instance only the next morning. I figured that this might be the start of the journey.

Two years later, in 2005, I had another dream /vision with Lord Muruga saying “Come to Pazhani for prayers”. The vision included doors being closed at the Pazhani temple and a narrow path behind the temple winding by a ladies washroom leading to a cave with a message “here in this cave lies Siddha Bogar’s second Navapasana statue with the first ofcourse being the current existing divine statue of Lord Muruga at the Pazhani temple”. I journeyed to Pazhani that day for an early afternoon arrival, offered prayers and much to my shock I observed the temple doors being closed as cognized in my vision. Normally, temple is open 6 a.m to 9 p.m. On enquiry, I was informed that it was the festival of Soora Samharam, a special day, the day it is believed that Lord Muruga defeated demon Surapadman; as part of the festivities the deity would be taken on a procession, brought down the hill for Girivalam (circumambulation) and then back up again after which the doors would open. With the first part of my vision coming alive, I was curious about the second half. 

I visited a nearby museum engaged in a casual conversation with the curator of the museum about Bogar Siddhar, the possible existence of other Navapashana statues and path behind the temple. The curator did corroborate the second part of my vision and added that when the time was right the location of the statue would be revealed. As part of this trip, I spoke to the temple manager for authorization of an 18-day tapas at the temple in front of Lord Muruga. This was granted by the temple and my electricity board government employer allowed for time off. At the end of 18 days I was asked to return home and wait for further revelations. 

The next 8 years (2006-2013) were filled with a lot of travel to mountains and caves where Bogar meditated triggered by my vivid visions of the locations and helped by my spiritual friend who would help identify the location. Coincidentally, many times, the spiritual friend was helped in identifying the location by random visitors who would visit his business and engage in casual conversations and speak about the mountain that matched the description of my vision. So I would visit the places with my spiritual friend. I was clueless as to why I was being led on these travels and what I was being readied for.

Ranjani: You got visions to travel to mountains and caves but you did not have to follow through. So, what motivated you to travel? Also, can you enlighten us a bit about Bogar Siddhar, who he is? 

Rejith Kumar: A lot of people have asked me this same question about my motivation. At that time my mindset was to just follow directions and not question. Additionally, in 2007, Muruga instructed me to not share with the public. With time, only very few close friends knew about my travels and some were assisting me travel secretly. I had to take permission from office. But they and even family did not know. Muruga Peruman has said to do things and so no questions asked. 

My research and interest to know about Bogar Siddhar stepped up after the 18 day tapas and the cave visits. He is a Maha Siddhar, one of the 18 Siddhars. His Guru is Kaalangi Nathar and thus belongs to the Nath lineage. Places like Amaranath, Kedarnath, Badrinath, Pasupathinath are named so because these Nath Siddhars meditated there including Bogar. Bogar, especially is not only a Siddhar but also a scientist. He went to China too. 
In fact, it is said that the Tao religion started by Lao Tzu is none else but Bogar himself. Not much is known about his time in China except when he left. The book Tao De Ching is a religious text authored by Lao Tzu and the concept of Taoism and Brahman are the same. Bogar was a powerful man and did a lot of science related activities. 

The Muruga idol/statue at Pazhani temple, created by Bogar, is made out of nine poisonous (pashanam) substances and hence called nava pashanam. However when these nine substances are mixed in the right proportion they become aushadam (medicine). Typically, the abhisekham offerings that douse the statue are given as healing medicines. 

Ranjani: So did Bogar have a lot of scientific knowledge in creating this navapashana idol? 

Rejith Kumar: Almost, Certainly

Ranjani: Is this all for healing? Was that part of your inspiration to heal especially in this pandemic situation? Was the healing power given to you?

Rejith Kumar: My healing power came from Lord Muruga in 2017. You may recall that I was to keep my experiences to myself for the years 2004 -2016. For 12 long years, Lord Muruga was readying me. The healing that I do is a transfer of the energy that I receive from Lord Muruga.  

Ranjani: How did you realize the energy? Does Muruga come in your dreams and inform you how to move ahead? 

Rejith Kumar:  I want to clarify. Up until 2013, it used to be dreams. After that it was in jyoti rupam (light form). In 2020 I saw the human form. 

Ranjani: Wow!

Rejith Kumar: To be able to see the human form of Lord Muruga, one’s energy needs to be at the same level. Energy of the Universe is Muruga Peruman energy. Now I understand why Muruga Peruman sent me to different energy points. One of my duties is to open up these energy points and I receive the energy when the opening happens. Energy point travel is for opening, receiving and transfer.

What this has to do with healing is the following: everybody has an astral energy body and changes take place in the astral body before they manifest in the physical body. And for me effect changes be it in the realms of health, material, business it is at the astral energy body level and when I transfer the energy, it will be received at the same time for example people in the US. This energy travel is happening in a different line. I have done this for lots of people. 

Ranjani: Everybody has their own karmas and they are not going to live forever. You have cured people with cancer and terminal illness. Who gets the opportunity? Who would you cure and who you wouldn’t?

Rejith Kumar: That is not in my hands. Muruga Peruman decides that. All I do is an energy transfer and if that person is able to receive it, the healing will happen. 

Ranjani: Now I understand. You just do an energy transfer and if the recipient has Muruga Peruman’s Arul (grace) they will be able to receive it. Amazing.  When Murugan gave you darshanam, I guess you were prepared for it. They say it is not easy right when divinity comes to you. How was it to see Him in human form? Could you please describe that experience to us, please?

Rejith Kumar:  Last April 2020 is when I had that experience during my LMRK’s second duty. My first duty was done in 2018 in Greenwich zero time zone. 2013 saw an energy shift at the earth’s astral level. Just as I mentioned about body having an astral and physical body, so does the earth. Changes will happen on physical earth slowly only. Muruga Yugam started in 2013 at the earth’s astral level. This is important. The Karthikai Nakshatram (same as Muruga energy and the Pleaidian star clusters) saw a lot of movement in 2013. 2020 is when the energies have started affecting the physical earth. This period of Muruga Yugam will last 2000 yrs. 

Related to this, is the place called Kumari Kandam also referred to as “The Lost Continent”. There India started. Big piece of land. Land where Thamizh started. First Sanga Kalam is in Kumari Kandam. Muruga Peruman was king of that land and that is the connection of Thamizh and Muruga Peruman, long, long time ago. The whole world had one God and one language – Thamizh. People who lived at that time were Gnanis and very knowledgeable. All this was destroyed. Lands separated to the west and east. Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Reunion Island. And lands submerged as well. During Muruga Yugam, knowledge and such information about the ancient land will return. Thamizh people will be in power world over. People will start praying to Lord Muruga. My duty is to connect people of this lineage. To open up energy points and connect people. 

So the first duty was to do a Pradishta (installation) of the Mayura Simhasanam in Greenwich, zero time zone in 2018. The start of the energy spread has to be from a zero point and hence the installation of the Simhasanam at the Tanthondri Anjaneyar temple in Wales was done after Pooja for it in Pazhani. 

Second duty in April 2020 was the Pradishta of Navapashana Muruga in Switzerland, the money capital city and controller of the world so Lord Muruga can control the money in the Muruga Yugam starting from a time when the world is at a standstill due to COVID. This is the start of the Muruga Yugam on earth and this Muruga energy will spread with everything for the better. 

Ranjani: Did you know this was going to happen?

Rejith Kumar:  Not really. All I knew was that Muruga Yugam would start from Switzerland in 2020 with a Pradishta of a statue. Little did I foresee, that it would be the Navapashana Muruga and rightfully so in the time of COVID. Now the energy has started to spread and the world will witness a lot of miracles. 

After the April 2020, I was instructed to do Zero meditation. In preparation for this, I had an Ayurveda treatment and then went into a 9-day period of zero meditation. The following happened during this time I saw:
a worm hole for about a sec, black energy converging and morphing to Lord Shiva and 
Human Form of Lord Muruga. 
Worm holes resemble a tunnel between two black holes or other points in space-time. Travel between time zones and universes are possible. It is possible that Siddhars traveled that way. Scientists say that there are lots of worm holes. Religious ideas and notions may have risen at the same time due to such travel.  Personally, I think this may help me evolve more with new information. 

Ranjani: Besides the Mayura Simhasanams and Muruga Pradishtas, are Lords Anajaneyar and Narsimham significant to your mission? What is the relationship with Lord Muruga? Why are they being brought together here and what message do you want to pass on and why are you inspired to do that? 
The LMRK (Lion Mayura Royal Kingdom) Trust came from the direction of Muruga Peruman. it was started on May 1st, 2017 Shasti day in Pazhani. 

Just as Muruga Peruman holds the secrets to Kumari Kandam, Lord Narasimha has all secrets related to Mars. 
Lion related – Narasimhan and Mars; Lion Island in Australia is Mars related; the sphinx in Egypt has information related to Mars. So Lord Narasimhar’s blessings are crucial.
Mayura related – Muruga Peruman and Kumari Kandam. 
At one time, there was life on Mars. 4-5 yrs ago I got this message that we will be finding out soon that life on Mars is possible. In fact water has been found in Mars underneath a lion shaped rocky surface. Life in Mars will start again. 

Poomabarai Murugan temple near Kodaikanal has a Dasapashanam idol statue. Identifying the ingredients in Daspashanam will provide info on how to survive in Mars. Both medicine and nutrition/food related info can be gained by studying the Dasapashanam. 

Ranjani:   We are going through a tough time now with COVID. What inspiration, advice, blessing message has Muruga peruman have for all of us as we move forward from this moment? 

Rejith Kumar:  Sure. From this zero state, we need energy to move forward. That energy is going to be Lord Muruga energy. The Muruga Yugam has started and the energy is spreading. A lot of info about the human body and health will be revealed. Karthika (Pleiadian) energy will influence the brain positively. The world will have a lot more spiritual people receiving powerful messages and spiritual leaders will rule. Movements will be started. Just as people flourished during Kumari kandam period, the muruga Yugam will be good.

Ranjani: So all this is for our good you say. The energy work at the astral level, the Pradishtas you are involved in with direct instructions from Lord Muruga, our life is going to be beautiful. Perhaps, Lord Muruga gave this challenge for the beginning of something very wonderful. Am I right?

Rejith Kumar: Absolutely. It is going to be amazing. Our senses of touch, smell, feel etc., will evolve to a new level. If you observe, the yugam will be powerful with bright energy.

Ranjani: “Powerful, spiritual humans will be evolving for the better with more perception and spirituality and life indeed will be beautiful”. That is wonderful to hear. For our Lokvani readers and people who are watching this, how can we help in this movement?. 

Rejith Kumar:  Chant Om Saravana bhavaya namaha nine times every day. This is an antenna for connecting. 
Every Sunday, Indian standard time, 10:00 to 10:15 a.m., when I pray, please meditate at the same time. At this time all energy points are open and you can receive the energy.

Ranjani: This was truly inspirational and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to be in your divine aura and blessing.
One last question: Murugan and Tamizh are so tightly connected. Why have you been chosen for this? Are you learning Tamizh since it is a new language for you?. What is your relationship with Tamizh

Rejith Kumar: Actually my birth place is Palakkad, and at one point Palakkad was part of Tamilnadu. Later, Kanyakumari was traded and Palakkad became part of Kerala. But in Kumari Kandam time, long time ago, I am pretty sure I was a Tamizhan and my soul has Kumari Kandam connection. 

Ranjani: Mangalam Subham. So beautiful. People should visit the lionmayura.org website to find out more. Is that the right site? For all your efforts there is no money involved, right? There is no money involved for all the healing services; how do you sustain financially? what about for the Simhasanam and other duties. Do people contribute? Can you explain the process? 

Rejith Kumar: There are 2 parts to my duty. For healing and prayers, there is no money; that is my duty and service.
For other tasks such as such as Simhasanam, travel to energy points, the Pradishtas– they are all Lord Muruga duties and we will need money and whoever wants to help, we will receive it. 

Ranjani: Truly blessed to be in your presence. I am feeling the energy here. What an honor and a pleasure to be with you. Whatever we can do to serve Lord Muruga and bring positivity in these times, we would be happy to do. We are happy to hear that there is nothing negative and we are going to go in a different direction, evolving to be higher beings. 

Rejith Kumar:  Thank you. Join in the spiritual travel. People will join automatically if they feel connected to this mission. May all receive Muruga Peruman blessings

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