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2020 Merchant Medal Awarded To Dr. Krishnamoorthy Subramanian

Press Release

2020 Merchant medal awarded to Dr. Krishnamoorthy Subramanian

The M. Eugene Merchant Medal of ASME / SME was established in 1986 to honor an exceptional individual who had had significant influence and responsibility for improving the productivity and efficiency of manufacturing operations. This is a joint award between two large professional societies: the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). 

Dr. Krishnamoorthy Subramanian (past resident of Lexington, MA.) an MIT alum (1977) has been awarded the 2020 Merchant Medal “for the development and implementation of a microscopic interactions model for grinding processes that led to substantial improvements in productivity and efficiency, new products, novel grinding processes and new businesses; and for significant contribution to education and training including the establishment of Grinding Technology Centers across the globe”. 

Accepting the award Dr. Subramanian said “This award is also recognition of the work of a large body of people from Industry and academia from all across the globe. My sincere thanks to all of them”. He added “In the field of Manufacturing, there are countless Physical Processes like Grinding, Machining, etc. They grow their roots through research; become visible through industrial use and yield fruits measured as commercial results. Merchant medal is an honor that recognizes the contribution to this combination of efforts and outcome in manufacturing. I am genuinely honored and humbled to receive this recognition and the award”. 

The award ceremony can be seen at: https://stimsinstitute.com/2020/07/13/stims-institute-president-receives-the-coveted-2020-merchant-medal/ 

Dr. Subramanian and his family have been longtime residents of MA. They lived in Groton, Ma. and later at Lexington, MA. for over for over 35 years, before moving to the Bay Area, CA. about two years ago.  During this time he worked at Norton Abrasives, MA. which became Saint-Gobain Abrasives where he served as the Global Technology Director. Author of two books, Dr. Subramanian is now the President of STIMS Institute, a Knowledge Integration Co. In addition to his technical pursuits, he writes frequently on spirituality and its application to management and life at www.Sipractce.wordpress.com

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