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Devi Reading For Corona

Bijoy Misra

Through all cultures celebrate Mother as the source of our health and well-being, Indian culture celebrates the Mother as the Ultimate Divinity and calls it the source of our energy and forbearance. Indian literature continues to remind us that Devi runs the universe and optimizes the universe in her unknown will.  At the same time, she is the Mother and always thinks well of all her children, who are all objects in the universe.  All an object can do is to draw attention that it is grateful for its existence and begs grace for its future.  Devi may help in giving us steadiness to overcome hurdles which apparently she herself creates!

We do a public experiment with a Devi reading in the local Sai Temple in Billerica coming Sunday.  The material called Devi Mahatmya comes from a book written by an ancient sage Markendeya written in the form of a story.  Composed in seven hundred stanzas, it is beautiful poetry in Sanskrit language. 

Our recitation is scheduled Oct 18 at 4 PM.  The full book reading takes about three hours.  If you wish to join live, you should register at

We are arranging participation via Zoom.  You can write to idcinboston@gmail.com if you need the Zoom link.   

You can sponsor the event by committing support at Dwarkamai website.

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