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Hindi Manch: Antarashtriya Mahotsav

Press Release

Hindi Manch is pleased to announce its first virtual “Antarashtriya Mahotsav” on Oct 9, 10 and 11.  Hindi Manch is a non-profit organization that promotes cultural, educational and social activities in Hindi with the aim to bring lovers of that language together.  Since its inception, Hindi Manch has created and managed more than 100successful Hindi/Urdu events, while providing a creative platform for over 2500 artists including over-750 children performances.  Through its signature social, arts and literary events, Hindi Manch has brought excitement in the local Boston community and built a loyal following of over 8000 people. 

In 2018, Hindi Manch had marked its 10th anniversary by presenting a 3-day national event in Boston, Hindi Manch Rashtriya Mahotsav (HMRM) in collaboration with Consulate General of India in New York.  The event showcased music, plays, literary works, and youth programs and attracted performers and audiences from all over US and Canada.  While the individual programs were appreciated by all, attendees also loved the Mahotsav format that promoted social exchange and community cohesiveness.   

The success of HMRM-2018 motivated the Hindi Manch team to do a bigger and better HMRM-2020.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic put a damper on those plans.  Undeterred, the organization, led by Preetesh Shrivastava, changed the format of their standard programs and went virtual.  What started as an experiment has been transformative, and through its virtual programs Hindi Manch has now developed an online following of almost 25,000 people globally! The organization now attracts Hindi and Urdu-lovers from all over the world.   

While these changes were not foreseen 6 months ago, the Hindi Manch team has pressed on and in the process have gained crucial knowledge and skills to present programs virtually.  The growing online presence has caused the organization to enlarge its scope of their planned 2020 Rashtriya Mhotsav to an Antarashtriya Mahotsav.   

Specific details on Hindi Manch Antarashtriya Mahotsav (HMAM) on October 9, 10 and 11 will be coming soon.  Suffice to say the Mahotsav will have the same programs that audiences have come to appreciate – Sangeet, Natak, Sahitya and Baal Yuva.  It will have performers from all over the world and will be presented virtually.  The event will be free for all to join.  For more information, please contact info@hindimanch.org.  

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