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Support A Child (SAC) Presents A Four-Act Grand Virtual Concert

Press Release

Support a Child (SAC) Presents a Four-Act Grand Virtual Concert

 August 29, Sept 12, Sept 26, October 10

After three years of spectacularly successful shows, this year, SAC would be hosting a four-act grand virtual concert. Spread over 4 weekends Aug 29, Sept 12, Sept 26 and Oct 10, each episode is uniquely crafted to bring the best in various forms of entertainment. The programs will range from comedy shows, instrumental music, vocal music, including the wildly popular Bollywood songs, dance dramas and much more. Poetry reading features poetry in comedic, patriotic, and other varied genres.  You can watch the programs here and pledge your donations. http://www.supportachildusa.org/sac2020shows/. So please mark your calendars.


For more information, please visit https://www.supportachildusa.org/about-sac/

Virtual Event - Free, but registration is required

Support a Child has been holding programs to raise funds for supporting needy and destitute children in Bharat (India). In the past, many programs such as music and dance shows, poetry readings and even a puppet show have been held. These programs have met with rave reviews and have been wildly successful. This year the worldwide Pandemic posed a difficult challenge; how to continue the tradition of fundraising so that the children would not suffer. The organizers put their heads together and came up with a series of four different shows, which would be spread over a period of seven weeks. The shows would be held virtually, to keep everyone safe.  


ACT 1: Aug 29, 8:30 PM EST – Comedy Show with renowned poets and performers. जीवन के रंगहंसी के संग (Jeevan ke rang, Hanse eke sang)


Dr. Sunil Jogi is a recipient of Padma Shri award in 2015. He specializes in comedic verses (Hasya Kavi) and is the President of Hindustan Academy. Dr. Sarita Sharma is not only an acclaimed Hindi poetess but also the signature of an era. Gajendra Solanki is a top-rated stage performing Hindi poet, artist, commercial designer, all-round cricketer and a social activist. Dr. Praveen Shukla is famous for his versatility and magnificent performance. He has received countless awards for his meritorious service.


ACT 2: Sept 12, 8:30 PM EST - Dance Drama by Sapphire Creations, Atithi Devo Bhava अतिथि देवो भव

This dance drama starts with the chanting of the verse mentioned in the Taittiriya Upanishad along with the dramatic welcome sequence framed as a ritualistic ceremony. Then it takes audience to a journey through the enriching culture of Bharat. A collage of dances, music, percussions, instruments, visuals, costumes from East, West, South, and North of India would be presented. The piece would end with the spirit of the country coming alive as the Mother Goddess, Mother India, welcoming all to her fold. Produced by Sapphire Creations, Eastern India’s only experimental dance company striving to develop an organic, radical, dynamic, and alternative idiom of movement.



ACT 3: SEP 26, 8:30 PM EST - A Musical Madeley Featuring Selected Bollywood Songs; Surili Shaam, Aap ke Naam, सुरीली शामआप के नाम


Mitesh Gaur of Indian Idol fame is an artist specializing in Filmi, Classical, Semi-classical, devotional and light music songs.  Surekha Dekha Baishya is an ardent music lover and singer. Trained in Hindustani vocal, she was a student of the famous musical director duo Kalyanji-Anandji. Maumita Chakrabarti is trained in Rabindra sangeet, Nazrul geeti and contemporary Bengali modern music.  Rajesh Joshi will provide instrumental support to the singers. He plays acoustic, electric, and bass guitar.

Subhash Sudra is a one-person band creating live music on Korg and Yamaha keyboards.



ACT 4: OCT 10, 8:30 PM EST – Classical recital Sur Sangam, “सुर संगम”; A Confluence of Santoor and Mohan Veena, संतूर एवं मोहन वीणा का मिलन


Santoor Maestro Pt. Tarun Bhattacharya is a disciple of Pt Ravi Shankar and is a pioneering, revolutionary musician who has changed the face of Indian classical music.


Jyotirmay Roychowdhury is a dynamic, brilliant, upcoming young tabla maestro on the evolving Indian Classical Music scene.


Pradip Nag: One of the most talented classical Mohan Veena players. He is a staff artist of All India Radio, Kolkota station.


About SAC:


Support-A-Child (SAC) was established in 1985 as an initiative of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA), to help eradicate illiteracy and improve living conditions of children from poor and disadvantaged families in India. A non-profit organization registered in the USA, SAC is run totally by volunteers, with minimal overhead costs. Through these fund-raisers, Support-A-Child serves as a conduit between the well-meaning, generous donors and the truly needy sections of the populace back in India. The donations are used to run schools and hostels, and to provide nutritious food for needy children. When a donor sponsors a child, they receive the child’s picture, a short biography and an academic report card annually. Donors are encouraged to visit the SAC hostels and meet with the children they are helping.

For more information, please visit https://www.supportachildusa.org/about-sac/


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