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Chinmaya Mission Boston's Bala Vihar Program Goes Online!

Press Release

Chinmaya Mission Boston's Bala Vihar program goes online!

Chinmaya Mission Boston (CMB) is happy to present Bala Vihar classes online. Given COVID-19 conditions, CMB is building upon the recent successful online offering of the Bala Vihar classes.

Bala Vihar registrations are open for Andover and all the satellite centers. Please register as early as possible so your child gets the preferred session (AM or PM in case of Andover program). If there are any questions, please email us at info@chinmaya-boston.org 

Website - https://chinmaya-boston.org/ 

Bala Vihar registration link - http://cmbmembers.org/

We are looking forward to bringing back our assembly before each Bala Vihar session, so that we can come together as a community every Sunday and offer our prayers to Lord Hanuman and Gurudev!
Assemblies will also be held via Zoom. As our capacity for the Zoom link is limited, we would like each family to login for the assembly from a single device. At the end of assembly, parents and children can leave the assembly link and join their respective class links.
Zoom Links:
We will have separate Zoom links for the Assemblies, Bala Vihar classes, Language classes and Satsangs. Bala Vihar and Language class links will be sent to you after you have registered your children. Links to Assemblies and Satsangs are below:
Assembly Session 1
Adult Satsang Session 1
Teachers Satsang
Assembly Session 2
Adult Satsang Session 2
Passcodes will be enabled for the above links starting in late September. Once you register you will be notified about the passcodes.
Activity Kits:
To make the virtual class experience as similar and fun as in-person classes we plan to provide activity kits and workbooks to children in the younger grades! Parents can pick up the kits for their children from the Andover center on a designated day before the start of classes. Please  register your children right away so that we can prepare the kits accordingly and notify you.
Discounted Registration Fees:
As our Mission's pledge says, "We stand as one family, bound to each other with love and respect....". We would like to remind you that during these uncertain times Chinmaya Mission Boston is standing as one family with its members and offering a 25% discount off our regular program fees for this year! The fees on the registration website reflects this discount. If you have not registered your children yet, please do so now, so that you can continue to benefit from all that our Bala Vihar program has to offer from pre-school all the way to Grade 12! Here is the link to register: https://www.cmbmembers.org/cmb/registration_home

In addition, please spread the word to your family and friends so that they can take advantage of the discounted fees and online classes. Please feel free to forward this email to them, so that they can also register as soon as possible. More information specifically about the value-based education that Bala Vihar provides can be found here: https://chinmaya-boston.org/bala-vihar-activities/


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