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Maintaining Our Cultural Ties During An Age Of Social Distancing With Online Classical Indian Dance Lessons

Press Release

If you're still lamenting the travel restrictions preventing you and your family from visiting relatives in India, you'll want to keep reading this for a bit of good news. 

Many parents are deeply concerned that their children will not be able to maintain their connection to India now that their annual family trips to the motherland must be postponed or cancelled indefinitely. Parents are equally concerned about maintaining social distancing rules this summer when kids are usually running around outside with their friends or staying active at camp. 

What's worse is there are no in-person cultural classes allowed in most parts of the country until at least September if at all - classes parents usually rely on to help their kids maintain this connection. 

As a certified Indian dance instructor with nearly three decades of experience, I wanted to do my part to help kids stay active through the summer and connected to their culture. The stories told through classical Indian dance about the Hindu Gods and Goddesses helps us stay connected to our ancient heritage and rich arts culture. 

Here's where it gets good! To help my students and your kids, I created a full service Indian dance studio run 100% online. 

Classes are accessed through online video conferencing and focus solely on traditional Indian dance forms, including classical and modern styles like Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathak, Kuchupudi, Bollywood, Bhangra, Dance Yoga, and some demo classes in non-indian forms like Korean Hip Hop. Instructors are vetted and we practice safe Zoom protocols while providing progress reports to keep parents involved. 

We could all use good news. So keep reading for some more. We ran a beta program the past two months and it's been a huge success! The studio is steadily growing and we are ready to take on more students. Our students and your kids will learn all the basic fundamentals of Bharatnatyam dance and tailored choreography to help them build confidence, discipline, and creativity. We are the only virtual dance studio in the country catering online dance classes to the Indian-American community.  

We are currently running a promotion to help enroll as many new students as possible. Please sign-up your kids by July 1, 2020 to get discounted! 15%OFF DISCOUNT ON ANY MONTHLY TUITION PLAN. TO SIGN-UP VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND CLICK BOOK NOW FOR A FREE CLASS OR DISCOUNTED TUITION PLAN: CLICK HERE: www.kaliyugadancestudios.com 

If you have questions please call or email us:

617.383.9395 or kaliyugastudios@gmail.com. 

If you're still wondering what do you and your children get from this and how does it help your kid stay connected to India? I've put together a brief overview below and video of everything your kids will get from taking our classes:

Easy Access. Easy Payments. Easy Scheduling.

Access classes from virtually anywhere in the world via
most video conferencing platforms. Auto-pay online. Schedule classes online.

1Hr Lessons.

Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, Bollywood, Dance Yoga, and More.

Vetted and Certified or Trained Instructors & Coaches.

Professionals work with students individual learning styles and 
our talent is sourced from all over the world so you truly get the best and most authentic classical and modern dance forms.

Safe Online Practices & Protocols.
Clear instructions on how we can all help keep kids safe online. 

Student Portal
Resources, materials, training videos and opt-in progress reports.

Dance Knowledge & History

Over 2,000 years old and originally written about in our ancient Vedic scriptures,
Indian classical dance is the performance of devotion and storytelling. Often based on Gods and Goddesses such as Lord Shiva, Krishna, and Devi, the complex discipline is based on an intricate layering of knowledge of rhythm, music, mudras, emotions, and footwork. These stories and dances help us stay connected to our rich heritage and culture.


Kaliyuga Dance Studios LLC is a full service Indian dance studio offering classical Indian dance lessons online through a network of elite instructors and exclusive resources.

CEO & Founder Sonali L. is a classically trained Indian dancer with 27 years of extensive training and experience dancing, performing, teaching, coaching, and choreographing. At age 17, Sonali had already completed her Arangetram in Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi dance styles. Her work includes choreography for the largest South Asian Bollywood-Bhangra competition show on the East Coast - South Asian Showdown, major Bollywood pop singer Pinky 

Parasand choreography for numerous corporate, wedding, student, and family events.

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Preview YouTube video Online Indian Dance Classes Near Me | Kaliyuga Studios | Bharatnatyam Dance | Bollywood | Dance Yoga

ne Indian Dance Classes Near Me | Kaliyuga Studios | Bharatnatyam Dance | Bollywood | Dance Yoga

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