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Patotsav 2020

Press Release

Very happy to advise you that SATSANG has arranged for a FULL TIME Professional Sanitizer Person from 8:30 Am till 5 PM.  Plus we are taking many safety measures such as Social distancing.   So if you feel safe and wish to venture coming in the Temple, you are welcome to join us.  Otherwise ZOOM Zindabad.  But please e-mail to satsangcenter1@gmail.com:  Your Name, which Puja, how many in the Group.   

We are very HAPPY to announce that just for one day we will be opening SATSANG Center to Celebrate Patotsav on Sunday July 12, 2020.

By the way this Tentative Plan is based upon present circumstances.  Our back up plan is on ZOOM with the same schedule. 

If you wish to come to SATSANG Center for your puja, you stay for only that time. You can come 15 minutes earlier and leave, once your puja is Over. 

For some reason, Sponsors - if you can not come to SATSANG Center, you can join the puja on Zoom. Same timing.  

Please cooperate if you come to SATSANG Center for puja to observe all the safety precautions.  Sponsors will be advised in detail.                                  
If you wish to volunteer your SEWA that day, please let us know that how many hours and from what time. 

If you wish to Sponsor or Volunteer, please respond to this e-mail :  satsangcenter1@yahoo.com   or call 339-227-8022                                        
Check our website www.satsangcenter.com for any updates.                                                                                                                                            Dhanyavaad! 

Requirements for Sponsors if U wish to come to SATSANG Center for Puja:

1.  Make sure you come in with Face Mask (Keep it on during your Stay.), Hand Gloves on, We will have sanitizer there !   Avoid touching any surfaces.   
2.  Will supply Puja Samagri on Paper Plate and Bowl for Water.  
3. Plz bring your Moorti.  If you do not have it, we will loan U for Puja
4. After Puja Plate & Bowl is done, plz discard them in Garbage bag.  Volunteer will come to you with a Garbage Bag.   
5. Follow, any Guidelines we have there for Entrance and Exit.  
6.  U will be seated in Designated area maintaining Social Distance.  
7. If u have come in contact with any Covid Patient recently, Plz do Zoom Puja.  
8.  We will check your Temp. if it is over guideline, Plz leave the place and do Zoom Puja. 
9.  There will be a Log for all the devotees, Plz complete the required Information with Signature.  

SATSANG highly appreciates your Sponsoring Puja, and your Cooperation.   

Hurry OM!    

Meeting ID: 801 241 8962    Password:  JaiSiyaRam  

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