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Sanah And Sanya Goenka Help In Covid19 Efforts

Nirmala Garimella

Wellesley sisters Sanah Goenka ( Grade 6 at WMS ) and Sanya Goenka ( Sophomore at BB&N ) would like your help in supporting two initiatives that they have undertaken during the covid-19 crisis.

 I talked to them to find out more about their motivation to start this effort

 How did this idea come to you?

The COVID-19 crisis has resulted in school closures nationwide. This has disrupted education for thousands of children. After speaking with our friends and their siblings we realized that a lot of children whose parents are essential workers or who have lost their jobs are unable to cope up with their school work and are currently falling behind. That's when we came up with the idea of a free remote tutoring service. 

 What did you do to implement it?

We reached out to several school districts and tried to circulate the information on our free services. We also reached out through local town newspapers, social media, and email. Creating an awareness and helping as many  students as possible is really important to us! 

 Finally have you supported other charities in the past?

We have been supporting the American India Foundation, specially the Light A Lamp campaign for the past five years. We fundraised, and the funds amounted to over $8000 in support of education for the underprivileged children of migrant workers.

 We have also raised funds for cataract eye operations and limb surgeries for those who cannot afford it in India and school essentials (like books, bicycles, etc) for the young women attending the Radhadevi Goenka School & College founded by our great grand-mother in Akola, India. 

 What does charity mean to you?

We feel very blessed and believe in giving back to  help those who are less fortunate. Our family has taught us to give without expecting anything in return. We strongly believe that a small deed can go a long way in impacting someone else. 

 Tell us more about your current effort for Covid19?

  Help Educate:

The recent coronavirus outbreak has created a lot of uncertainties and disrupted education for several children nationwide.

Through this initiative our team of students aims to provide free virtual tutoring services to any middle or elementary student that needs help with their school work. This campaign hopes to help all those students who are facing hardships due to school closures and Covid-19. 

 Please email sanyasanahgoenka@gmail.com if you:

  1. Wish to sign up to Volunteer your services for tutoring.
  2. Would like to sign up for free online lessons.

 2. Help Thank Our Healthcare Heroes:

Thank our frontline heroes by donating a meal to MGH, Boston Medical Center and other local hospital healthcare workers and staff. Our medical workers are working tirelessly and putting their lives at risk while taking care of patients infected by Covid-19.

At the same time our local restaurants are suffering from layoffs and closures due to lockdown.

We have contacted several local restaurants who are willing to provide a delicious meal to the healthcare workers at the above hospitals for $10.

Whatever donation big or small would be greatly appreciated.

You can contribute through our  MightyCause page:

Please visit https://mtyc.co/hlebvf to support Help Thank Our Healthcare Heroes!.

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