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Satsang Center: Maha Shivratri

Press Release

Lord Shiva is jumping in Joy that the nite for blessing his Devotees on this Auspicious Nite and also the whole Day preceding that nite

Devotees are 
- Those who will be doing his Sadhana (Spiritual Practice ! ) 
* in the form of Shiva - Pujan, 
* Abhishek (Especially in SATANG Center - Woburn MA - Those who are far away from Boston - New England and who will Bring SATSANG Center in their Home) or 
* Hath YOGA, 
* Meditation, 
* Stuti (Dwadash Jyptir Ling Stortam, Shiva Manas Puja, Panchaaxar Stptram, LingAstakam, RudraAstakam, AatmaShatakam, SRI Shiv Mahimn Stotram and so on...- They are in SATSANG Bhajan Book.  (Plz join our Google Group to receive that Bhajan - section.  satsangcenter1@yahoo.com or satsangcenter1@Gmail.com).

DO you know how Hath Yoga came about?   Parvati ji asked Shiva ji that our people on Earth is suffering from so many Health Problems. You are Mahaa-Dev  How about helping them?

Shiv ji narrated Hath Yoga Sadhana while, as usual, Parvati ji dozzing off or went to sleep. As shiv Ji came out of his Samadhi, seeing Parvati ji in that state, he asked who heard it then ? King of the Fish jumped from the        Man-Sarovar saying I did hear!  But i need human body to take it to Earth-Dwellers.  Matsyendra became MatsyendraNath in his Next life.   His disciple, GoraxNath . . . .  . SwatmaRam who scribed Hath Yoga for our benefit.   An Excellent Narraation is available in Book - Hath YOGA Pradeepika (light on Hath Yoga by Swami Mukti Bodhananda of Bihar School. He wrote this Book under the guidance of his Guru Swami Satyananda Sarswati who was Initiated by Swami ShivanandaSarswati of Haridwar.  

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