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Music Arangetrams 2019 Round Up


Mridangam Arangetram: Inesh Vytheswaran
There is a satiety that comes from eating a ‘Thali’ meal including a variety of tastes – each dish unique in flavor, but that creates a whole that delights. It was with such satiety that one left Inesh Vytheswaran’s recent mridangam arangetram, held at Wellesley High School in July 2019. This performance went well beyond the parameters of a regular mridangam arangetram in the medley of artistic experiences it afforded the audience.

Carnatic Vocal Arangetram: Vaibhavi And Utsavi James
by Sunanda Narayanan
Vaibhavi and Utsavi have a charming stage presence and opened their recital with the weighty Ata-tala varnam in Ritigowlai ragam. It was rendered in not just the customary 2 chatusra tempos, but also in 2 escalating tisra tempos, underscoring their understanding of laya (rhythm). As Guru Tara Anand’s welcome address indicated, the recital of four hours was designed to showcase all aspects of the girls’ training.

Vocal Arangetram: Medha Jayendran
by Janani Swamy
At the age of twelve, Medha is the youngest disciple of Guru Tara’s to achieve the milestone of an Arangetram. It would not have been unreasonable to expect a performance perhaps calibrated to Medha’s age – for how could a mere twelve year old render a Carnatic recital of the depth and caliber we have come to expect from the Anubhava School?

Vocal Arangetram: Nitya Aryasomayajula
by Rajesh Vaidheeswarran
Smt. Aparna Balaji is someone I’ve known for a long time. Her no-pressure style of teaching, combined with the ability to inspire the student to develop her own love for the artform is very old fashioned. This style, naturally suits someone of demure demeanor like Nitya Aryasomayajula, and it clearly has brought out the best in Nitya.

Vocal Arangetram: Sreya Sankar
by Sutikshna Veeravalli
Sreya Sankar, 15, impressed the audience with her every, cleanly delivered sangathi during her Carnatic vocal Arangetram on September 21, 2019 in Medway, MA. Her lineage, as a student of Kalaimamani Sri R. Suryaprakash and in the school of illustrious Sri Madurai Mani Iyer, was evident in her creativity within sarvalaghu, or rhythmic patterns of eight, and her careful attention to voice tone and delivery.

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