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Yoga Poses And Mantras For Happiness

Vivek Roy


Yoga is a physical, spiritual and mental practice. These disciplines are originated from the ancient period. Yoga helps to boost energy and helps to be light and happy. Nowadays, stress is very commonly found among people, especially found among the youth generation. Yoga is also very effective in managing stress. It is considered as a substitute for medicine.

Studies found that regular yoga practices have various benefits. Yoga creates connections between mind and body, it facilitates change in the cellular level.

Mantras are particular phrases or sounds that are chanted continuously during meditation. This creates an altered state of consciousness. It is believed, especially in Buddhist and Hindus traditions, that mantra creates spiritual energy for healing and creativity.  This is extremely helpful in creating a habit of happiness. These inspirational phrases have the power in providing relief even in a very tough situation.

There are many poses and mantras to practice. Some of the important ones are-

1.       CAT- COW POSES

It is the flow between two poses that warms the body and it brings flexibility to the spine. It stretches the back torso and neck and strengthens the abdominal organs. It also opens the chest, helping breath to become slow and deep. Practised regularly reduces back pain.

This pose can calm the constant fluctuations of the mind and relax the nervous system. It generates positive energy in the body. 

Other benefits include relieving menstrual cramps and sciatica.

Mantra– “I’ll get find happiness in today's journey”


It is a standing and wide-legged squat, which emphasizes on muscle and mind. This pose strengthens the entire lower body, including hips, thighs, and calves. It also stimulates the pelvic floor and urogenital system. The shoulder joint is also stretched and strengthened.

This energetic pose reminds that one is completely in charge of his happiness. This is even beneficial for pregnant women, by making childbirth more comfortable.

Mantra- “I am strong and confident enough”

3.       DANCER

It's a combination of strength, flexibility, meditation and balance. The Dancer pose requires coordination of the whole body. It strengthens the leg muscles. Also, it opens and stretches the shoulders and chest. It improves balance and helps to increase focus. Flexibility in spine, hamstrings and shoulders also develops, through this pose.


This is one of the beautiful poses. It gives the feeling of lightness and happiness. It is also very effective in releasing tension and opening up the heart.


Mantra- “Happiness begins with an open heart"


Sometimes it also known as crane pose. This is arm balancing pose. Here, hands are placed on the floor, the shins rests upon upper arm and feet are lifted up. The benefits of Crow Pose includes toning of abdominal wall. It strengthens arms, back and lower thighs.

This yoga asana never fails to bring smile on face. It is the representation of focus and strength. While concentration is also built by calming the mind. Also builds endurance.

Mantra – “Strength and Happiness is welcomed"

5.       HEADSTAND

This Asana is often referred as the king of postures. It improves blood flow to the eyes, head and scalp. Also this helps to improve digestion. It flushes out the adrenal glands. And the accumulation of fluid in legs, ankles and feet is also reduced while performing this asana. This pose is the inversion posture of standing. It builds strength in the upper portion of the body. It provides many physical benefits.

It signifies looking the world and at one's life from a different perspective. As one could feel the flow of blood in the entire body. It helps to start a day with full of positive energy.

Mantra- “Maintain peace with what cannot be changed.”


This pose is named after a fierce warrior, named Veerabhadra. It is one of the graceful yoga pose, which adds grace to one’s yoga practice. It requires lots of stability and strength. It increases flexibility in the hips and upper parts of the body. The name shows the focused attention and warrior strength which is required for battle.


This pose is used to release all stress and tensions. It reminds that one is amazing, can stand strong and invincible in each and every work. It is found to increase the focus, stability and balance.


Mantra-“Every morning is a new beginning"


7.       WHEEL POSE

It requires a huge amount of determination and stamina. It requires complete effort from the entire body and the mind so that to push against gravity and forming the body into an arch.


It is proven to release Endorphins. The front opening on the front part of the body helps to release stress and tensions. Also, it energizes the body.

It also strengthens liver, pancreas and kidney. Therefore it serves as the treatment for many diseases. It is extremely helpful for the heart. The wheel pose is also effective in the case of infertility, asthma, and osteoporosis.

Mantra- “Mistakes are made to have a second chance to learn.


Combining asana and mantras helps to strengthen attention more strongly. Yoga is considered to be the amazing workout process for tightening the physique. It also gives additional health benefits, along with fitness. It helps to improve mental health, by swiping out negative feelings of depression and anxiety.

It also teaches how to control mind, emotions and lower body, and provides strength to deal with challenges faced in day to day life. It is evident that regular practice of yoga brings positive changes in a person.

The thing is that one should be patient enough while practising yoga. It takes time to cure and heal illnesses and provide positive results. Though people generally don’t want to wait, they prefer using shortcuts. Like losing weight using medicines, surgeries, steroids. These shortcuts do have a serious impact on health, but yoga does not have any side effects. The time taken by yoga is paid off by its benefits.

There are many Yoga poses and numerous benefits of Yoga. It focuses on the natural cure of health and self-healing.

Vivek Roy is an enthusiastic Yoga blogger and Traveller from India. He has done 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. He loves to travel and share the knowledge of yoga around the world. 

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