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Laugh A While - Jokes


Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Werner Heisenberg, Georg Ohm, Galileo Galilei, Max Planck, and Louis de Broglie were carpooling to work...

...when they got pulled over for speeding. However, when the police officer tried to ask them how fast they were going, he couldn't get a straight answer, and the group was so rowdy that they had to be brought in for questioning.

So all 7 of them are taken to the police station, and individually questioned. First, they were asked simply "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Heisenberg, the driver, said "It was definitely somewhere between 0 and 180 miles per hour. I can tell you exactly where we were though."

Newton says "We were going 92 miles per hour when we were pulled over - and here's the differential equation that proves it."

Einstein says "I'm relatively sure we were stationary - the earth beneath us was moving at 92 miles per hour."

Galileo says "We were going 67,000 miles per hour around the sun."

Broglie says "Um... Uh. Wavelength?"

Planck says "I believe we were moving at around ten duodecillion quanta per hour, give or take."

And finally Ohm, no matter how many times he was asked, screamed "I won't go! I won't! You'll never take me alive!

3 college students are living together to save money

One day they decided to carpool to class to conserve gas and cash, but they live in the top floor of a 30 floor apartment complex. The elevator breaks, which makes them have to take the stairs. The 3 decide to make time fly. The first 16 floors guy one tells a really happy story, the second 10 floors guy 2 tells a funny joke, and the last four floors guy 3 tells a sad story.So the first guy tells his happy story and they love it. Then the guy tell his long joke and they almost fall down the stairs laughing. Finally, it was the 3rd guys time to tell his sad story. So he says
“I left the keys in the apartment”.

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