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Miss India Pageant Is Announced For 2019-20

Press Release

Miss India pageant is announced for 2019-20

Date: December 1st, 2019
Venue: Hilton Boston-Woburn
Website: www.missindianewengland.com


Applications are open for 8th annual Miss India pageant in New England area. The pageant will be held at Hilton Boston-Woburn on December 1st 2019. There are three categories of participation. Miss India, Mrs India, Miss IndiaTeen. A separate Classic Mrs/Ms India category is back after 5 years which is dedicated for charity. Talent central platform is an add on for all contestants this year.

Pageant will have New England girls/women walking in evening gowns and traditional Indian ensembles. For past seven years, this event has been an array of showcasing both Western and Indian fashion and variety of outstanding performers. This year marks the addition of new Titles and new opportunities.

Miss India New England pageant will also provide $500 Director's Choice award to one or two qualified individuals if they want to experience 'Miss India USA’ and do not have enough resources to do that. Like previous two years- girls/women participants will get trained by Bollywood celebrity trainers or National/International pageant winners.

It is a possible moment of titles, tiaras, sashes for participants; and for an attendee it is a  ‘Live’ pageant experience, prelims for Miss India USA/Worldwide pageant system, a talent show and celebration of Indian heritage.

This is the same pageant that has produced several National and International winners, successful models/actors in India and USA, entrepreneurs in Film and many have benefitted fundraisers for valuable causes.

We are affiliated with 'Miss India USA/Worldwide Pageant system' organized by IFC of New York, which is world's largest pageant network specially designed for girls/women of Indian heritage, and is running in USA and worldwide for past 37 years.

For Info Email info@missindianewengland.com or Call or text 978-866-8777.

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