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UIANE Celebrate Picnic In Brookline

Rakashi Chand

The United India Association of New England celebrated their annual Summer picnic on Sunday July 28th, 2019 at picturesque Larz Anderson Park in Brookline. The picnic was well attended, over 100 people enjoyed the shade and fun under the Shelter at the Larz Anderson Park. The picnic featured a free BollyX Demonstration and workout, music, lawn games, races, prizes, bingo, children’s giveaways, face painting and tons of delicious food! The picnic was held at the historic and beautiful Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, a great place for photos with many lovely backdrops, including a Greek temple and fountains.

Thank you to all of the Board Members, Committee Members and Advisors for their help and support in making the picnic possible. Thank you to the board and Committee for your contributions of drinks, ice, coolers, food, games, music and your welcoming attitude.                       

Thank you to everyone who attended the picnic and brought food to share! WE hope you had a lovely time!

I hope the UIANE summer picnic is a tradition that continues for years to come! Won’t you join us next year?

A personal note: The UIANE Summer Picnic has a special place in my heart, as this is an annual tradition for my family.                                     

As the current President of the UIANE, I wanted to make the Summer Picnic special, just as my grandfather and my aunt had done before me. When I was younger, the UIANE Picnic was something we all looked forward to every summer. Each year, the President would add his or her personal touches to make it special, but certain things were always guaranteed: good food, fun, and a delightful summer afternoon with old and new friends. The picnic is a great way for members of the community to gather and connect during the nicest season of the year. It was always impressive to see how many people came to the picnic, and how our community grew every year. The picnic has games, races, competitions, and people just playing with their children nearby, all in good spirits. Table after table would be filled with delicious food! Everyone made something special for the picnic, and there would always be too much food! I remember going back for seconds, even though we were stuffed and could not eat any more, but the food was too good to resist. The purpose of the summer picnic was to bring the community together, everyone is invited and welcomed, and we were all there to enjoy the day together. When I was young, my grandfather, Mr. H. L. Khetarpal would greet people as they arrived, introducing new members of the community to those who had been here for a while, helping make those connection that made people feel welcome and a part of something greater. The Indian community is much, much bigger now, but back then it was important to find ways to meet others who had come from India, and the summer picnic was a great way to do so. The children would all play together, or explore the park together, or compete in races as  the elders would sit and chat in the shade, while everyone ate, sang, and laughed. These are my fond memories of growing up in the Indian Community of Boston.                                            

I hope everyone who came to the 2019 picnic had the opportunity to make their own lasting memories.

The United India Association of New England will soon be launching a new opportunity for young people to get involved! Join the UIANE YOUTH COUNCIL! Apply today by emailing us at UIANE@unitedindia.net. Detail coming soon at www.UnitedIndia.net.         
Look for details on our upcoming programs including the Diwali Cultural Show and New Year’s Eve Ball!

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