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Power Of God’s Name!

Press Release

Realize that there is great strength in the power of God’s name and its repetition! Why is the practice of reciting God's name so advantageous to us? Taking the name of God helps us develop focus. Presently, our mind oscillates among different thoughts, harboring an estimated 50,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day! As we learn to engage in devotional repetition of the divine names of God, the mind begins to settle down and get under control.  

With continued practice, just as a lamp in a windless place does not flicker, the mind in union with God, becomes steady. This is the amazing power of God’s name!

One of the universally accepted and uncontroversial names of God in the Vedas is 'Om.' This Om is the object of meditation in aṣhṭāṅg-yog. In the path of bhakti-yog, devotees prefer to meditate upon the personal Names of God, such as Ram, Krishna, Shiv, etc. because of the greater sweetness of God’s bliss in these personal Names. 

Reader, there are different ways of taking God’s name, such as repetition in the mind, speaking it out loud, or chanting. Try any of these techniques for yourself Reader -- you will definitely find your mind more at peace and uplifted!  

Watch this beautiful video on the power of God’s name on the Swami Mukundananda YouTube Channel.

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