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SAPNE: Folk Literature Recitation And Picnic

Bijoy Misra

Folk Literature Recitation and Picnic with SAPNE
August 11, 2019

This would be the third year that the SAPNE group (South Asian Poets of New England) is hosting an annual summer picnic with the focus on folk literature.  The earliest language of the man was most likely developed overs the hills of South Asia and the melodies of the old still reverberate the land and the water. The origin and development of oral literature in India have not been fully studied.  It appears that there had been thousands of years of early literature before the Vedas were compiled around 3000BC.

Folk literature expresses the exuberance of human emotions in joy, grief, excitement or bereavement.  The expression is human and not conditioned by a language or geography.  South Asia is blessed to have preserved the natural melodies created by man through hundreds of years of group living and iteration.  India language binding is itself a matter of sociological study in the world.  We recognize people through their voice.

Our efforts in the South Asian Poets of New England have been to explore our collective voice of expression as we compile in a foreign land.  Indian expression of language is natural, the modern world makes it artificial.  The free melody of human voice is replaced by constrained structure of control and form.  The joy of love and cordiality is being replaced by an artificial fear of survival.

We invite all friends and lovers of literature to join us in our 3rd Annual South Asia Folk and Oral Literature Festival.  You can recite a song that you like, or you can listen in to the other participants.  Please research through the books or in the libraries.    You can share any melody for others to appreciate.  Please write to me directly at misra.bijoy@gmail.com or to Sanjeev Tripathi at sanjeevkt@hotmail.com  with comments or questions.

We meet outdoors on Sunday, August 11 from noon to 4 PM at 180 Bedford Road, Lincoln, MA.   We relocate to the home Library in case of bad weather.  Please tell friends and young adults who struggle to understand the grandeur and the depth of Indian literature and culture.  

Please connect to Preetpal Singh at preetpal44@yahoo.com or Neena Wahi at neeshina@gmail.com if you can help with food.  Please connect to Mir Fazlul Karim at  azadkk@gmail.com if you may help with contributions for the event.  Please confirm participation by writing to misra.bijoy@gmail.com

SAPNE was formed in 2008 from an earlier poets’ group that met at Harvard University from 1997.  With the current roster of a hundred members, SAPNE fosters creative writing and poetic understanding of the world languages.  SAPNE meets every quarter in the local area libraries with an annual meet at Harvard University in May.  Please visit the site http://www.sapne.boston for more information.  SAPNE operates as a sister organization to India Discovery Center http://www.indiadiscoverycenter.org

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