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SAMARPANAM - A Tribute To The Gurus 2019

Sushmitha Anand

SAMARPANAM - A tribute to the Gurus 2019

In Sanskrit, Samarpanam means “ultimate offering,” “dedication,” “surrender of one’s self” and the spectacular show performed by Suman Adisesh & Sangita Raghunathan along with their students from Spandha & Sanskruthi Dance Schools was nothing short of that! It was truly a tribute to their gurus and a class act in itself. Samarpanam is an initiative by Sangita Raghunathan & Suman Adisesh to honor and support veteran artists and create awareness in the younger generations about their work and contribution.

The students ranged across different ages from 5-15 years. Their repertoire of dance skills was very well showcased in the complex choreography and the incredible selection of music pieces. The music compositions were new and lively, allowing the children to compliment it with their intricately choreographed items.

The students of Spandha School of dance (run by Suman Adisesh) opened the show with a traditional Pushpanjali item followed by Ganesha Stuti & Achutam Keshavam. A krithi on Lord Shiva was performed by senior students. The dance showcased traditional as well as some contemporary steps with a lot of energy. The students had great form. The audience was treated to a Snake Dance which highlighted the flexibility of the sisters performing the item and showcased all the years of learning they have had. 

The show then switched to performances by students from Sanskrithi school of dance (run by Sangita Raghunathan), performing to melodious music of Swagatham Krishna, Swarajathi, Kamakshi Ambe and a thillana. Another notable piece performed was the Nottuswaram as this was a musical piece composed on western notes but presented on a collection of verses on Lord Rama.The dance items had fresh choreography with intricate and complex steps and dramatic formations. 

After a dinner break, the audience was in for a treat with stellar dancing from Sangita Raghunathan and Suman Adisesh. In the recent past, traditional dances like Bharatanatyam have come to be performed with more modern interpretations of classical music and include contemporary moves. So, it was refreshing and a pleasant surprise to have a live orchestra accompanying the talented dancers. The live orchestra had the talented Smt.Harini Darbha who has won many awards in her field, Smt.Poornima Surya flawlessly providing the Nattuvangam to the dancers, reputed Smt.Shanthi Ganesh, another revered Veena player, multitalented Sri. Harish Narayan on the mridangam and the talented 8th grader Naresh Vytheswaran on the flute. 

The dancers lit the stage on fire with their first item “Pushpanjali” which was fast paced and energetic setting the tone for the rest of the program. The audience barely had time to register the brilliantly choreographed first piece, before Sangita and Suman started to perform the Varnam on Lord Muruga. The next piece was a beautifully emotive Javali Parulanna Maata performed by Sangita Raghunathan. It was impossible not to feel the emotions of the song with her beautiful expressions. The next item was a high energy, beautiful and intricately choreographed Pallavi by both the dancers, with excellent support with the Nattuvangam, and the orchestra. Next, Suman Adisesh performed another emotive Javalai Saami Ninne with amazing vocals by Smt Harini. The latter half was completed with a spectacular, fast paced and energetic Thillana performed by both Sangita and Suman to a spellbound audience. 

This year’s proceeds are dedicated to “Ananya-Aarogyadhara,” an organization that helps struggling seniors artists by providing medical care insurance. In addition, the Samarpanam team is also immensely grateful to all the donations and the generous sponsorship from Smt. Bharati & Dr. Murali Ravel and Smt Lakshmi & Dr.Shashidhar for the food and donating the proceeds from that to our cause.


(Photo Courtesy – Dr Murali Ravel )

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