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Boston Celebrates Vijay Divas

Geetha Patil


After a commanding lead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party BJP in recently held India’s general elections 2019, victory celebrations were planned in many parts of the world by the BJP and NDA party supporters. This victory is considered as the victory of the expectations of the honest citizen of Bharat.

Enthusiastic associations of New England region namely NRIS4MODI 2019, Overseas Friends for BJP-USA, Vishwa Hind Parishad America, and Global Indians for Mission 2019 organized Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s stupendous electoral victory celebration program titled VIJAY DIWAS – in BOSTON on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at Amrit Sabha, Northborough, MA, from 6:30PM to 9:00PM. Hundreds of jubilant supporters from the New England area attended the program and celebrated with great gusto the landslide victory in the world’s largest election as voters endorsed Shri Modi’s vision of a progressive and assertive India.

The program started with the visit to Radha-Krishna Mandir within the Amrit Sabha facility and putting on of Tilakam by the temple priest. This was followed by meet and greet each other while enjoying various sumptuous snacks and tea in background of patriotic songs made the atmosphere very enjoyable. The core program started with Shankh Naad and Mangal Mantra recitation by the priest and Vande Mataram sung by Smt. Haimanti Banerjee. Shri Kanchan Banerjee welcomed warmly all the amazing audiences, special guests, the key note speaker of the evening Shri Abhaya Ashthana. Indian National Anthem was sung by all of them with utmost honor. Shri Sanjiv Tripathi recited his passionate poem written in the praise of Modi’s victory.

Shri Sanjay Kaul expressed his earnest congratulations to all the victorious contenders of BJP and NDA for their BIG election victory! He also thanked millions of voters including first time voters who participated enthusiastically in this world’s largest democratic elections to elect an able and proven leader, Shri Narendra Modi. Great things are in store for the US-India partnership, he said. Shri Pramit Maakoday narrated some of his exciting stories in which the recipients of Modi government’s programs expressed how they were benefited. His friends team worked hard through “Sampark Abhiyan” and other programs to encourage Indian Americans to support Modi and to boost the party's image in India. Smt. Dhanashree Ramachandran talked about how Hindu Media Bureau is presenting the Hindu voice globally as a non-governmental, non-profit agency from USA. Shri Jagadish Tiwari said that he along with his colleagues from his organization participated in the contact voters through phone bank call effort, which is still an effective communication means and made thousands of calls to people in India asking them to vote for the Bharatiya Janata Party and bring back Shri Modi into power.


Shri Suresh Jain ji in his speech urged the audiences to make efforts to support India in fields like information technology, engineering, defense, health care and many more and participate actively in the guarantee of a bright future for India.


A thought-provoking key note address was delivered very eloquently by Dr. Abhaya Asthana. He said that Indian voters have gave their approval for continuing the all-round development of youth, poor, farmers, and pro-business policies of Modi government. Well informed voters have out rightly rejected the unholy alliance of selfish regional leaders, parties mostly led by dynastic families in many regions, divisive politics of opposition and they support only good, robust, and principled leaders and good and transparent governance. We, NRIs need to work actively with Prime Minister Modi Ji in his vision of New India and transform the country with the proposed investments in infrastructure, youth careers, health care, and farming sectors to take India to the next level.


Sanjay Kaul Ji went around the tables and randomly picked some audiences members to learn about their views of the recently held election and asked about their expectations of re-elected Shri Modi Ji and his government. Their expectations range was very wide as Indians are looking forward not just for faster economic development but for higher-quality infrastructures, jobs for their youth and solutions to age-old socio-economic, cultural, legal and farming problems. They all want to see a new India and felt that Shri Modi is the best to raise India’s standing in the world.


Before serving the delicious dinner to all the audiences, Shri Sanjay Ji proposed vote of thanks to the Amrit Sabha and its Management officials Shri Hemal and Smt Priya Rathod for making available their facility for our program. He thanked immensely Smt Sunita and Pankaj Adaval for setting the venue and audio management. He thanked all the guests and key note speaker Dr. Abhaya Asthana for his inspirational speech. He thanked very warmly Shri Pawan Roy for Emceeing the event very meticulously. Last but not least, he thanked the organizing committee member and volunteers for making this celebration possible and a memorable one.


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