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Kaleidoscope Of Indian Art: Exploring The Art Of Madhubani In Acton

Riddhimaa Sinha

Kaleidoscope of Indian Art: Exploring The Art Of Madhubani in Acton

The Color Of India’s exhibition presents its first group exhibit at Village works in Acton promoting the Indian art and culture involving various visual mediums like, traditional dance and the visual art. Artists of all ages are showcasing their works of several months over the summer to the local public. Whether you are an enthusiast or captivated by the vibrancy displayed here, this event serves to please all. The reception of the event acts as a catalyst for curiosity. Curiosity by those who are compelled to immerse themselves in this vivacious representation of the sub continent.

The exhibit will take place from June-Sep 15 this summer.

Venue: The Villageworks. 525 Mass Ave, Acton, MA 01720
Exhibit: June-mid-Sep on weekdays from 9am-5pm

Originated in the Mithila region of Northern India, Mithila art was primarily practised by rural women deriving scenes from both religious stories and their daily lives. Done on paper, cloth or even walls using natural colors originally now moving to acrylic colors, Madhubani Paintings are versatile in their creation.

About the writer Riddhimaa Sinha, graduating from high school in June 2019–The process of creating these paintings is c​arefully orchestrated, and deliberate multi-step process. Amidst the homework, projects and various other engagements of student life, the practise of this art served us as focal point. Another facet of my art journey has been the regular display of artwork. Over the course of my artistic career, I have had the honor of displaying my work at Museum of Fine Arts- Boston, Lokvani and other local exhibitions. Watching people leisurely observing each painting, inquiring about what each shape or color means, has been a rewarding experience. Furthermore, I have received the Rising Star in Art Award by Lokvani and a certificate of Congressional recognition, some of the opportunities that were realized due to my pursuit of this art.

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