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Shri Radha Krishna Mandir: Pran Pratshtha Maha Utsav

Pankaj Adaval

Shri Radha Krishna Mandir was formed in January 2016. It is located at in Northborough, MA  Walmart and easily accessible thru major routes. We are group of young people like myself, my wife Sunita Adaval, Maha Vishnuji, Rajesh Chauhan, Sanjay Panwar, Vishal and Ashok Gattumallu who think Mandir is very important place for ourselves and even more important for generations to come. We are far from our mother land so it becomes more worth to keep our values alive and keep seeding the good sanskara in our kids thru places like this. 

In today’s modern society it is rare to find the place where one can seek liberation versus worldly desires and pleasures. Most of the society is driven towards economic, social and career success. It is difficult to find the non-business religious peaceful place in such a society, especially in western countries; therefore, it's even rarer to find the mandir like Shri Radha Krishna which is fully dedicated to the Bhakti path, direct access to your favorite deity,  family connectivity, kids’ education about religion, all festivals celebration and service. Some people ask why we need temple when GOD is in the heart of every one of us. I will say TEMPLE means Tranquility-Education-Mediation-Purification-Love – Engagement in services.  Here I would to say please see Dr. Anuj youtube link to get the answer but off course I can explain why do we need another Temple when we already have. I would not say come to our Mandir or do not go other Mandir.  After all I believe God is one and weather you come here or go anywhere else. In today’s time what I see that going mandir and praying your deity thru priest has become so much non reachable for person like us. I believe all the devotees have equal right at least in Mandir weather you are paying or not.  In mandir we have New England most respectable and know priest Pandit Jagdeeshan ji and well known Prabhu Maha Vishnuji. Pandit Jagdeeshji takes care of all the Pooja and rituals in very scared and authentic way. Pandit Jagdeeshji knows multiple languages and treats every one as family member.  Due to all these positive attributes Mandir has grown a lot in such a short time. We have received all the Moorties from Rajasthan India and going to have lifetime Pran Pratishtha Maha Utsav from June 13th to June 16th. It is my humble request to all of you please join us and provide support to continue and expand the services.

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