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IANH Vasant Festival 2019

Press Release

IANH Vasant Festival 2019

Guidelines for Participation

IANH invites all to participate in the Arts and Cultural performances for the upcoming IANH Vasant Festival. Please note the details

Date: Sunday, May 25th, 2019

Registration closes: May 15th, 2019

Venue: Nashua High School North, Nashua, NH.  

For any question before registering or any clarifications, send an email to cultural@ianh.org.

Volunteers needed- Please sign up here IANH Vasant Festival Volunteers

Below is the Registration link 

Guidelines link for participation 

Imp note: The registrations will not be confirmed until paid online via paypal - We will only accept online payment.

1. Categories: The participants are invited to register for the following  performance categories.

1- Competitive Music Categories

  1. Classical solo/group vocal Music  

  2. Non-classical solo/group vocal Music

  3. Instrumental Music

2- Competitive Dance Categories  

  1. Classical Dance (A group of at least 4 or more participants allowed)

  2. Non-classical dance ( A group of at least 4 or more participants allowed)   

3- Art Competition

4- Non competitive Dance, Music and Art

2. Levels and Prizes

In each of the above categories there are the following levels recognised for competition.  A group can include the kids from lower levels but not from higher levels.

Levels for Art Competition

Sub-Junior: Pre-K to 2nd  graders

Junior: 3rd- 5th  graders

Intermediate   6th -8th graders

Senior: 9th-12th  graders


Levels for Music competition:  

Junior: 3rd- 5th  graders

Intermediate   6th -8th graders

Senior: 9th-12th  graders


Levels for Dance competition:  

Sub-Junior: Pre-K to 2nd  graders

Junior: 3rd -5th  graders

Intermediate   6th -8th graders

Senior: 9th-12th  graders



The following trophies/prizes will be acknowledged for all the categories.

For upto 2  teams - only first prize  will be recognized

For 3-4 teams - only first and second prizes will be recognized

For 5 and more  teams - first, second and third prizes will be recognized

3. Important Dates and Timelines.

Submissions  Deadlines / Dates.

What  needs be done?


May 15th 2019 by midnight

  • All registrations to be completed

  • Registration fees to be paid

  • Dance and Music participants to send dance song or karaoke track  in mp3 format with file size less than 10 MB.


No late submission/ changes in number of participants or music will be accepted.  .

4. Registration Fees and Payments:

  • The participation/ registration fees as applied to all categories are as follows.

Group performance applied to  Dance or Music Categories

$5 per participant per  Performance

Solo Music Performance  or Art exhibition

$10 per participant per Performance  or art submission

  • All payments must be made ONLINE ONLY. Contact cultural@ianh.org or call 6039307748 in case of any difficulty in online  payment. No checks or cash will be  accepted.

  • The registration fees for all participants in the group performances must be paid at the time of online registration.

  • If a participant is participating in the multiple categories, he/she must be registered for each category separately by paying the applied registration fees.  

5. The following time limits will be strictly followed for the length of performances,. Exceeding the time limit may lead to the risk of disqualification or losing the spot to perform.  

All Music performances in all categories

Upto 4 minutes

 Dance performances for all categories

Upto 5 minutes

6.  All the group Dance performances (i.e. Competitive as well as non-competitive group dances) must have minimum 4 or more participants. Solos dances or less than 4 participants are not allowed in any category except Super Dancing couple category.

7. Group/ Solo Music and Dance Performances:

  • All props and musical equipments (drone/tanpura, stands, mats etc.)  is the responsibility of the respective parties. IANH will neither provide it nor will be responsible for handling the same.

  • For music group performances please mention the numbers of microphones required during registration and IANH will try to accommodate them based on it’s availability.

8: Art Competition:

  • There should be no identifying information like names etc on the submitted artwork for the competitive category, as it may get disqualified.

  • Participant should get his/ her own easel or stand to display their artwork if needed. IANH will not be providing one.

9.  Check-In times:  All participants MUST arrive at the assigned check-in times  which will be sent in advance.

10.  The screening committee reserves the right to ask for videos or script of performance if needed.  Any inappropriate/ irrelevant contents in performances or arts display will be either disqualified or will not be allowed.

11. As per the safety guidelines of our venue, no hazardous or unsafe props  will be allowed on stage or within the premises. The performing party is responsible for leaving the stage clean for the next performance.

12. In case of registration exceeding program capacity,  IANH reserves the right to accommodate the entries on first come first served basis.

13. All the information in the registration forms submitted MUST be accurate and final. Any misleading information may cause the performance to disqualify. No changes in numbers of participants or song tracks will be allowed once group is registered. We advise to review the information for its accuracy before registering online. There are no refunds for any cancellations.

14. The general Judging criteria are as following. The Judges decision will be final.

Judging criteria for Music competition: Tonal Pitch Accuracy, Rhythm, Tonal Quality, Emotions, Articulation and diction, Presentation.

Judging criteria for group Dance competition: Costumes, Choreography, Rhythm synchronization, Synchronization of the group, Visual effect/props, Presentation

Judging criteria for Art competition: Originality, Forms,    Shape, Color & Use of Space, Balance and    Flow of Artwork, Presentation.

15. IANH will need two points of contact per group for online registration and they will be responsible for forwarding all communications sent by IANH  to the entire group. IANH is not responsible for any missed communication between the points of contact and the participants.

16. During the performances, the door will closed. We expect audience to maintain the  discipline. Parents are responsible for watching their kids..

17. IANH reserves the rights to change the guidelines/rules if required.

I/we have read and understood all the rules and regulations for IANH Vasant Festival mentioned above. By signing this form I/we comply to the rules and regulations and accept that the judges decisions are final as applied for all competitive categories.

Name (print) _____________________

Sign ___________________________ Date_______________________

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