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Reflections On Dakshina

Sandeep Kaushik

Reflections on Dakshina  


The Brihadaranyak Upanishad says that the Lord Prajapati advised the Gods, men and demons by one letter *"Da". The Gods understood by this letter that they should practice (1) "Dama" i.e. self-control; the men thought or understood that they should practice (2) "Dana" i.e. charity; the demons understood that they should practice (3) "Daya" i.e. compassion.


To men Charity or giving was recommended. The teacher in the Taittiriya Upanishad exhorts his pupils to practice charity and other virtues. Regarding charity he says, "Give with faith, give with magnanimity, i.e. liberally, give with modesty, with awe, and with sympathy.


Baba said to Mr. Nanasaheb Chandorkar, that all His property consisted of one koupin (codpiece), one stray piece of cloth, one Kafni and a tumrel (tinpot), and that all the people troubled Him with bringing all these unnecessary, useless and costly articles."


However In order to teach the devotees the lesson of charity and to remove their attachment to money and thus to purify their minds, Baba got Dakshina from them; but there was this peculiarity, as Baba said, that He had to give back hundred times more of what He received. He always asked not just for money but also to give the inner enemies like anger, lust and to be surrendered to Him.


From Shri Sai Satcharitra Chapter 14


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