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Vision-Aid Announces The Dr. Badar And Mariam Maskati Vision-Aid Scholarship


Vision-Aid is excited to announce a new initiative for under-privileged visually impaired students in India  – a scholarship fund to cover all the costs for such students to undergo extensive residential skills training for 6 months in the field of  Computer Applications, Mobile Technologies,  Coaching to help them succeed in Banking and Government sector exams and Spoken English/Soft Skills. The scholarship fund called the “Dr. Badar and Mariam Maskati Vision-Aid Scholarship” will enable, educate and empower the selected visually impaired students starting in July this year. The scholarship awards are offered on a merit-cum-need basis and are intended for visually impaired students from rural, semi-urban and under-privileged backgrounds, that are likely to succeed in this rigorous training program and reach their full potential.

Ten students are expected to benefit from this scholarship in the 1st year.  Initially, the target area is the greater Visakhapatnam (Vizag) region, but is likely to expand to other areas where Vision-Aid operates in the future. The scholarship covers all the costs that will be incurred by the students including travel, technology and assistive devices (including a smartphone), board and lodging and training costs. Training is intensive one-on-one training which is customized to meet the students abilities and needs. The scholarship is being created in the loving memory of  Dr. Badar and Mariam Maskati of Mumbai.

About Dr. Badar and Mariam Maskati


Dr. Badar T. Maskati (1925-2016), a renowned ophthalmologist in Mumbai, India, lived a life defined by service and a strong work ethic. His life was an inspiration to all who knew him! His early struggles and hard work defined who he became, and he exemplified the power of inner strength, determination, will, and sincere effort in achieving one's goals. He lived a life of service, be it in giving of his time to Rotary or to eye camps or to the many who sought his wisdom and guidance as a teacher, and he was a beacon of hope to his patients, to whom he gave the gift of sight. His mission on earth can be summed up by his favorite quote:

"I will pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

Mariam B. Maskati (1927-2013), a philanthropic and kind lady, believed that education should be a right for all and not a privilege for the few, and strived to provide that right for all who came to her door. While her husband performed his miraculous sight-saving surgeries, she compassionately held the hand of his patients and their families, in more ways than one, at the hospital she established and aptly called Comfort Clinic.  She lived her life with courage, compassion, grace and dignity right to her last breath. As macular degeneration and Parkinsons ravaged her body and stole her eyesight and mobility, she continued to be filled with faith, song and cheer, still giving of herself, still wanting to help the needy. Her positive attitude, uncomplaining nature, easy laugh and amazing wit infected all those who knew her.


The donor who helped create this scholarship endowment fund in memory of her beloved parents and who wishes to remain anonymous herself, stated with her endowment gift:  “It is in memory of these two amazing philanthropic souls, so that their legacy may live on and their mission be unbound by time, that I am honored to establish this scholarship, to provide an education for visually impaired students, so that they too can achieve their goals and visions.”

Vision-Aid welcomes anyone inspired to donate towards this scholarship fund or who wish to create their own scholarship fund to contact Vision-Aid at info@visionaid.org. If you know of individuals who can benefit from the program, please encourage them to contact the Vision-Aid Vizag center at +919849498800 or vizag@visionaid.org

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