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Press Release

“NESSP 14th Annual Sai Palkhi!”

Come Register in person and Invite Baba to your home!

With this year's Palkhi season almost upon us, we are happy to announce that NESSP will begin accepting registrations for home visits on April 11th from 7PM, in person(no email) at our information desk at temple.

Registrations this year are limited and volunteers will be available to help signup with details on a first-come-first-served basis.

In-person Palkhi registration date:

Thursday, April 11th: 7:00 PM

Palkhi Dates for 2019
May 18th : Palkhi Initiation 
May 19th - July 14th : Palkhi Procession 

Please note:
Last year, we had to stop accepting even in-person registrations within the first hour or so due to overwhelming response. Given this, if we receive enough Palkhi registrations on April 11th, we will not have any more registrations after Apr 11th. If you are planning to invite Sri Sainath Maharaj's Palkhi to your house this year, we request you to meet us at the temple at 7:00 PM on April 11th.

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