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Kitchari Kirtan

Geetha Patil

Kitchari Kirtan (KK) of Cambridge is commiedt to their deepest intentions for 2019. They are hoping to start their individual and collective new beginnings with strong and clear vision and connect in gratitude with the energy of the universe. Mr. Tamal krisna Das and his wife Mrs. Shakti hosted the open mic Kitchari Kirtan on Friday January 25, 2019 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm at their residence, near Harvard square. Hall full of people gathered to enjoy the evening with heartfelt signing.

All devotees were warmly welcomed by Mr. Tamal and Shakti and they all spent their lovely hour in greeting others, meeting special guest singers, and enjoyed homemade Kitchari, a savory meal of rice and beans from India, along with chai tea. Mr. Tamal and Shakti started the event with their beautiful singing and made everyone rejoice together in the majesty of the divine names. Kirtan lovers consider this as a healing gift and cherish it with hearts. They not only welcome new comers but also encourage them to take an advantage of this spiritual healing experience.

KK is an offering, inspired by a group of musicians and friends who delight in raising their collective voices together in the singing of the names ~ Sankirtan. Mr. Kampa VaShi Deva, a special guest musician of the evening provided his best percussion. Mr. Carl Wolfe on clarinet and Louise Ross on flute, Jaya Madhava Das on a box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, John on guitar made everyone completely immersed in the sound and the magic of the chants that carried devotees deep within. Later, the microphone was passed on to other Kirtan wallahs who lead the Kirtan.

Kirtan lovers consider the sacred sound vibration of the mantras is the bridge of love. Many of the songs at KK are done in a responsive fashion where devotees can participate and experience the purifying pleasure of the chanting and singing. KK does not have any hard and fast rules for chanting besides opening hearts and letting souls reach out to the divine and everything and everyone of us get connected in the divine energy. KK provides an opening for the spontaneous fulfillment of our collective desires.

One of the KK participant said that this is the best local Kirtan and meeting beautiful singers and musicians. I like their amazing energy and fellowship.

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