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INSPIRATION XXII - Shree Krishna's Message From Geeta

Sudhir Parikh

Shree Krishna's Message from Geeta

Geeta 6.46 Tasmaad Yogi Bhavah, Arujun !  Arjun U have to BE YOGI!

1.      Postures:

Geeta 6.11- Firmly establish yourself in Asana on Holy ground,

Geeta 6.13 - Body, Neck and Head  erect, concentrate, gaze on the your Nose tip, Do not look around like a Dog!  

2.      Pranayam:

Gita 4.29 - Other Yogies by slowing down the pace of breathing, stay in the state of nirantar Pranayam. (According to Sage Patanjali also 2.49, reduce the speed of inhalation & exhalation is Pranayam).

Geeta 6.12 - Sitting in Asan, keeping Mind and Senses under control, keeping Mind focused (Ekagrata), for purifying the Heart, he studies YOGA.  {Prasanna Chitte Paramatma Darshanam! To realize Divinity (God) maintain Blissful Awareness all the times. ... (Sri Shankara in VivekChudamani).} 

Geeta 8.10, By staying immersed in  A-kar Those in Deep Devotion, at the time of last breath, using the Will Power, establishing Prana focused between two eyebrows (Ajna Center), with determined Mind, remembering my Divine Form (Swarup), realizes GOD!

(Geeta 8:13) He who remember A, One word form of BRAMHAN (God), he realizes supreme abode - Peace. 

EveryOne has to become YOGI, whether BhaktiYogi, GyanYogi, KarmaYogi or Raj (Dhyan) Yogi.  Without Meditation - Dhyaan, progress in Spiritual Practice - Sadhana is NOT possible.  Dhyaan - Meditation is Gateway to Samadhi - The Blissful State of Realization.   

According to one's inclination - Samkaras, can give predominance of one practice over other, but the BEST is to follow the Integration of all four majors paths to accelerate the Spiritual Progress.  To live in Bliss (Prasannata) and the Attitude of Surrender (Prappannata) is the Best form of Sadhana. 

A is God!  OMni Present, OMni Potent, OMniscient.    Conscious Continuous Deeper - Slower Breathing (Pranayam), Focused Mind 4. (Ekagrata) in Blissful Awareness (3. Prasannatata), Constant Remembrance of OM (5. Ekatmata) is YOGA - Sadhana.  

In the NUTCELL:  Dhyaan – Meditation: Maintain ongoing basis. 

1.     Posture - Asan, 2. Praanayam, 3. Prasannataa, 4. Ekaagrataa and 5. Ekaatmataa.

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