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Ekal IndiArt 2018

Sanjana Krishna

The Ekal IndiArt 2018 show was held on October 27 at the Satsang Center in Woburn, MA. This creative and inspirational art show was a culmination of several events that Ekal Vidyalaya had organized in the past few months including an art workshop in July and the art competition for kids and adults on the theme “Cultures and Festivals of India”. It was a rainy day but that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the artists and Ekal volunteers who participated in this well attended art show.

Raksha Soni, a local artist was one of the main inspirations in bringing this art show back to life after a gap of 3 years. Her able leadership and meticulous planning along with the team of Ekal volunteers led to a successful showcasing of the artistic talent of the New England community at this event. Sudhirji and Niruji of the Satsang Center were the chief guests. The art exhibits in this show were judged by a very talented panel of judges consisting of Vandana Tiwari Sharma, Mridula Satyamurti and Prithi Lathia.

There were several categories in the contest including sub-junior, junior, senior and adult with the youngest participant being 6 years old. The judges commended the efforts of the artists and were impressed by their effective use of color and space. The quote “A picture is a poem without words” resonated throughout this art show where every artist had a creative and imaginative story to share with the audience through their beautiful artwork.

Ekal Vidyalaya was started in 1983 with the goal of empowering kids in in rural India and Nepal who do not have access to even the basic resources. Ekal strives to bring education to the remotest villages with the goal of helping kids lead better lives and has now reached 77,000 villages!! Congratulations and thanks to all the artists for being part of the Ekal IndiArt contest; they are all true winners who are doing their part in shining the light of education on less privileged kids.

The winners in different categories were:

Sub-Junior Category: 
First Place: Sarah Mallick
Second Place: Hrishika Kotamarthi
Third Place: Anaika Datta

Junior-Senior Category:
First Place: Sharada Gopalkrishnan
Second Place: Vaishnavi Murthy
Third Place: Darshana Venkatesh

Adult Category:
First Place: Pavithra Lakshmeesha
Second Place: Meena Mehta
Third Place: Lakshmi Kalyan Kotamarthi

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