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Arty Autumn


Does your year fly without grasping the beauty and colors of the changing seasons? Are you too busy to notice them? Are you tired of working in an office with white walls, gray computers and seeing colleagues dressed in white, black, khaki and navy blue? Do you spend most of your time indoors with none or very few views of outdoors? Well, if your answer is yes to most of these questions, then I welcome you to my online store called: Ratna’s Seasonal Art. You are welcome even otherwise!

At this store machine made products get humanized with hand-made, original and exclusive botanical art by me. Since its launch in November, 2017, its inventory has grown into nine design collections with over 300 products. The products include items for home, office, life etc. Now that it is autumn, I would like to exhibit a few samples from the latest collection.

This design collection captures the earthy charms of early Fall in the Northeast of America, when the foliage is in shades of green and yellow. The design bears the leaves of Horse Chestnut and Black Locust trees. As the leaves are changing colors from green to yellow, it is named 'Rang De Basanti', a popular phrase in Hindi language that means 'color it yellow'. How appropriate! In this collection you shall find a wide range of products for daily use, home & office decor etc. that bear a very festive look. In many of these you can customize the background color to your liking by choosing it from the palette offered by Zazzle. On some products such as devices, you can customize your name or initials. All of these also make beautiful gifts for Diwali, Christmas etc. So browse around and infuse your life with the charm and grace of early fall. If you would like to see products set in a different season then feel free to browse the online store. With this I wish everyone a colorful life ahead.

Ratna Dalal




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