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Discrimination In College Admission Of Asian Students

Alamelu M Anantatmula

Discrimination in College Admission of Asian Students
Harvard University and Ivy League Schools

Asian Americans are fighting the race conscious admission practices in Harvard University and other Elite schools. Nearly 1000 enthusiastic supporters gathered at Copley Square, Boston, MA on October 14th cheering the speakers. It was a historic moment for Asian American communities. Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) President opened the rally speech “Like many others, Asian Americans came to the U.S. to pursue the freedom, rule of the laws and especially the American Dream”.  Manga Anantatmula a Hindu Activist, representative of American Hindus is one of the directors of AACE and organizers of the Rally, expressed that her support and fight for the cause will only intensify.  

Manga Anantatmula extended invitation to Sen. Warren and Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, US Senate candidates from MA, to speak at the Rally to express their views on the Harvard discrimination against Asian Americans. Dr. Shiva accepted the invitation and made an electrifying speech. He extended his full support to SFFA and AACE cause.

Manga Anantatmula also met with the Indian American community leaders, practicing Physicians, parents of Harvard Alumni, and supporters in Boston area, traditionally draped in a sari, and discussed the plans to stay engaged with Indian Americans. Among the supporters are high school students who expressed that Harvard University discrimination is no more hidden in the closet. Some Indian American supporters and onlookers said, “we are not whispering this discrimination issue anymore, we are getting loud about it”.

Jason Verry, a 22 year old Harvard senior said, “Skin color is not a substitute for your life story” to which the crowds cheered and applauded most. A defining moment, all supporters connected instantaneously! Another speaker Vijay Jojo Ingram, an Indian American, who did a social experiment claiming to be a black to get into medical school advised the Asian communities to never reveal their race in their applications. That only puts you in a disadvantage, he said. Although it was a cheering moment in the crowd, it was the saddest and disheartening moment. The rude reality was staring at us.

For Asian Americans, Equal education right in an indispensable part of the American Dream! Edward Blum, the President of The Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) and the champion behind the Harvard University discrimination, revealed that an Asian-American applicant with a 25% chance of admission would see his odds rising to 35% if he were white, 75% if he were Hispanic, and 95% if he were African-American. In addition, Asian-American applicants have the lowest admission rate across all academic brackets. SFFA is the Plaintiff in the lawsuit against Harvard University discrimination representing the Asian American students.

The trial against Harvard discrimination started last week. The Harvard University Dean testified that the school had different SAT score standards for prospective students based on factors such as race and sex. The internal emails reveal, Harvard favors “Z-List” applicants who cannot fulfill or gain admission in fair process, for consideration of a fund. Trial reveals that an unidentified family donated $8.7mil. The donors are ranked as “1” and “2” to determine the preferential of the applicants.

In the coming weeks, the trial will unfold the untold story of Harvard discrimination. It is just the tip of the Iceberg. We have a long battle ahead of us. Asian Americans need to be put on the same platform as others. We cannot be regionalized for identity. It’s discrimination in itself. If an European is called “White American”, then the “Asian” must drop from our identity. We want to be recognized as “Americans”. It’s plain and simple as that.




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Left-Right: Vijay Jojo Ingam, Manga Anantatmula, Asian American Education Rights champion Edward Blum, and AACE President Yukong Zhao

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