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The Adventures Of Kudmi Thatha And Other Stories

Press Release

Everyday incidents and ordinary people around you often provide interesting and humorous situations, if one has an eye for them. Almost any situation has a lighter side, which becomes visible if we stop taking ourselves too seriously. Many of the hilarious stories and anecdotes in this book paint a picture of the world as seen through the eyes of a boy from a South Indian family growing up in the Bombay of the 1970s and ‘80s.

Arun Hariharan is a Quality, Knowledge Management and Performance Management practitioner with nearly 3 decades of professional experience. He has helped several large companies in diverse industries achieve substantial and sustained business results and competitive-edge by aligning Business Excellence strategy with Business Strategy; and usher a culture of Quality and customer-focus.

He started writing ten years ago. Most of his writings are based on hands-on implementation experience in large companies. In addition to the book Continuous Permanent Improvement, he has published about 50 articles in leading international journals on Quality Leadership and Knowledge Management.


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