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2018 India International Film Festival Boston

Ranjani Saigal

Film enthusiasts in New England were in for a great treat, the weekend of Oct 6th at the where they were treated to a wide variety of short films, full length feature films and documentaries. The event organized by BDC brought forth several fine films. 

“IIFFB-2018 is an International, Independent online event for all Short, Documentary, Feature films and LGBT. The goal of IIFFB-2018 is to Provide homes to the group of young and vibrant film enthusiasts who are committed to creating spaces for independent cinema and devoted to spreading the knowledge of the modern visual art form to all who are interested. We, at IIFFB aim to bring out the best Short or feature films, Documentary and Music album from around the globe and to present it all on one single platform of BDC” says Razia Mashkoor, founder of BDC.

The featured film collection included Half Widow film produced by New England’s own Sunayana Kachroo. Half Widow was a big winner along with The Golden Mountain and Mehnaz Nadiadwala’s It’s a Girl. The event was a big undertaking that ran for three days at different hotels. 

Several stimulating discussions were held around the issue dealt with in the film.  The award ceremony featured lovely dances choreographed by Pooja Tiwari.  

Kudos to Razia and the team for pulling of a beautiful event the very first time. We look forward the next film festival. 


IIFFB Team 2018

1. Artist Travel and Management:
Mahesh Pariwala
Rajan Nayar

2. Venue Coordinator with Artist:   
Mahesh Pariwala

3. Sound and Light:
Ram Krishna, Ramesh, Surendar, Shankar

4. Ticket Sales:
Poonam Ahluwalia
Rekha Pariwala
Eshani Shah

5. Stage Director:
Mahesh Pariwala
Pooja Tiwari

6. Artist Management (Interviews on red carpet):
Anu Sharma
Razia Mashroor

7. Ticket/ Reception Management:
Rekha Pariwala
Eshani Shah
Parul Kumar

8. Volunteer Coordinator:

9. Media Coordinator:
Eshani Shah

10. Director of  Video and Photography:
Suhaib and Surendar Madadi

11. DJ
Ram Ramakrishna
Shyla Abbimutt

12. Director of Movie Collection:
Sunayana Kachroo

13. Festival Director:
Anuradha Upneja
Rashmi Mathur

14. Emcees
Suraja Menon Roychowdhury
Hamida Merchant

15. Sponsors
Prashanth and Anuradha Palakruti
Eshani Shah

16. Tech team (Sraveo)
Ramakrishna Penumarthy
Surendar Madadi
Ramesh dadigala
Shankar Magapu

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