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We Care Charity: Dil Se

Press Release

We Care Charity’s fundraiser DIL SE 3 was a very well received event. Event was held at Mechanics Hall in Worcester on Saturday October 6th and featured live band by Din Check and dances by Fogana. In laser filled extravaganza, Jolly & Meenakshi from Din Check along with singers from Berklee School of Music provided entertainment to the audience which left the participants wanting more.

We Care Charity took to the stage to announce its newly constituted Board of Directors which consists of:

Bharat Shah
Hemant Ajbani
Parul Sanghvi
Minal Rana

WCC thanked the past Board of Advisors for bringing forward some of the procedural and financial irregularities to their notice. WCC shared with the attendees the results of past two-months of intense review and corrections. Sighting examples, WCC refuted some of the baseless allegations and at the same time acknowledged how some very conservative accounting approach lead to reversal of few expenses reimbursed in the past. To a thunderous applause, WCC Charity conveyed publicly for the first time, that they have completed refiling its Federal tax returns for all years from 2013 to 2017 and have proactively submitted a copy to the office of NH Attorney General for their review.

Going into this event, we were quite prepared not to reach financial success of past years. Warmth, enthusiasm and understanding from our supporters and well-wishers was the primary goal for this event. By that measure the event was highly successful. Financially too, We Care Charity raised over $10,000 net of all expenses.

WCC thanked its donors and supporters for the faith they have shown and promised to keep working tirelessly to meet their expectations and remain fully compliant with laws of the land.

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