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Lokvani Talks To Mohan Nannapaneni On TEAM Aid

Nirmala Garimella

TEAM Aid, Inc., a 501 (C)(3) organization, was incorporated with the sole purpose of assisting PEOPLE and FAMILIES, that are affected directly or indirectly by catastrophic incidents such as accidents, homicides, suicides, and natural disasters, etc. We at TEAM Aid, an NPO, are working towards assisting and providing relief to immigrant people in need.

Why did you begin this charity?

My previous initiative, TEAM Square with in Telugu Association of North America (TANA) has been dedicated to the same cause for over 9 years and became a very successful model. However, there is a much bigger need and scope for expanding this service beyond Telugu People located in North America. Therefore, we have incorporated TEAM Aid (www.teamaid.org) and started with global expansion. Other Indian ethnic organizations across the globe are joining and supporting TEAM Aid and its humanitarian cause. With in the last 9 months, we have already aided more than 60 individuals and families affected by tragic incidents with in North America.

Who are the people behind it?

Mohan Nannapaneni, Mr. Ravi Prakash(TV9), Dr. Raghu Korrapati, Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati, Vasudeva Reddy Chinna, Murali Vennam. But many others joined us soon after inception.

Why was this important?

Every year thousands of people move away from their native countries in search of better opportunities and livelihoods overseas. While such moves have their advantages, there are also some potential consequences. People living away from their families feel rather helpless when they fall prey to unfortunate events like accidents or natural catastrophes.

TEAM Aid is always prepared to help in emergency situations. Our volunteers are always a phone call away and located across the globe. We understand that when individuals are facing dire circumstances, especially abroad and away from their home, the need for support is of utmost importance. We provide the necessary support and stand-in for the families and friends they are unable to connect with. That support is just as equally important back home for their families, and we recognize and can provide that as well. Our primary objective is to bridge that distance between an NRI and his/her homeland.

TEAM Aid serves as the main point of contact for all members of a support network (NRI’s family and friends), who are experiencing grief and loss. When an NRI suffers in an unknown country, or across an expansive distance, the lack of emotional support on both ends can cause mental stress and trauma. We are they to help.

Communities far and wide don’t always seem to understand the impact they make on members. If you are at home, where you have grown up, you have at least one social construct to support you (family, friends, co-workers, colleagues, faith-based communities, social organizations, or entertainment circles). Now picture yourself far across the globe, away from home, without that support.

In the event of natural disaster like a tornado or hurricane; an automobile accident; a devastating or traumatizing event, it tends to render your usual support network helpless. What does that do to you? To them?

That is why we exist. We’ve seen some devastating things and helped all affected get through to the other side of an outcome. Our volunteers have driven through the night to get important papers to a consulate, have sat in hospital rooms holding hands, have spoken on phones for hours with updates and have flown remains across the world. If that’s what you need, we are here.

The philosophy behind the organization is to help console victims and families. TEAM Aid has a team of compassionate volunteers that care for those victims and families undergoing tragic incidents. Our only purpose is to assist those affected by tragic and life-altering incidents such as Automobile Accidents, Homicides, Natural Disasters, Suicides, Sudden Illnesses or Deaths, and Criminal Acts. These events are difficult enough to deal with under normal circumstances.  TEAM Aid is committed to helping the NRI community by teaming up NRIs and creating a common platform.

Who will be the recipients?

At present Indians any Non-Resident Indians or the Indian Travelers, whoever needs emergency assistance.

How did the first event go?

Outstanding. So far we had three Community meetings in Boston, New Jersey and San Jose. The entire Indian community came forwarded to join us. So far 52 Indian organizations endorsed us.


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