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Sri Raghavendra Aradhana Mahotsava

Press Release

Sri Raghavendra Aradhana

NE SRS Brundavan cordially invites one and all to come experience the magic of the 347th Shri Raghavendra Swami Aradhana Mahotsava on Sept 8th, 2018  at the Bhakta Samaj Center in Tyngsboro, MA.

Shri Raghavendra Swami is a 16th century saint that is worshiped as a God-like Guru in south India and many other parts of India and the world. He entered Jeeva Samadhi at Mantralayam in Andhra Pradesh and is believed to live in a metaphysical form for 700 years - Devotees continue to feel his presence and many miracles are regularly reported and his guidance and benevolence are lovingly experienced. For this reason, this incarnation of Prahallad is considered to be the Kalpavruksh or Kamadhenu of the Kaliyug.

The aradhana commemorates the day of his entering Jeeva Samadhi and is celebrated in a very traditional manner with devoted, religious fervor by NE SRS Brundavan, the first official US branch of the Mantralayam Shri Raghavendra Swami mutt in India. This is the 3rd year that NE SRS Brundavan is organizing the Aradhana and each year the event has grown in scale, grandeur and devotee turnout. People have come to be a part of this celebration from not just the Greater Boston area but CT, NH, ME, NY and potentially some parts of Canada and the midwest.

This year, some of the highlights include a kanakabhisheka, Alankara pankti Brahmana Seva, Kolatta or devotional group dance by ladies as part of the Ashtavadana seva. The event is also a multi sensory delight and visually spectacular with a grand Pallaki procession. The special prasad of Mantralayam mutt called Parimala Prasad will be coming directly from the main temple in India and will be available FREE for all. Last but not least, a very elaborate banana leaf lunch spread is cooked onsite and served in traditional manner FREE for everyone.

Given the widespread interest in the event (People are expected from not just the Greater Boston area but CT, NH, ME, NY and potentially some parts of Canada and the midwest), this year, the event will also have a small vendor area featuring jewelry, clothing, Henna and other business representation too.

Please attend the Aradhana and experience the magic for yourself. RSVP by Aug 30th to help organizers plan for the event - http://ne-srsbrundavan.org/rsvp/

Links to stay informed -

Aradhana RSVP: http://ne-srsbrundavan.org/rsvp/
Volunteer at the event: https://tinyurl.com/nesrsvolunteers 

Mailing list : Please subscribe on the website -

http://ne-srsbrundavan.org or email us at info@ne-srsbrundavan.org

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nesrsb/

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NE SRS Brundavan

Mutt Address:1527 Middlesex St, Unit #5, Lowell MA 01851

Thursdays 6.30 – 8 pm

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