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Passport To India: An Art Exhibition

Press Release

“Passport to India” – An art exhibition at Cary Memorial Library in Lexington, MA by artist Raksha Soni

Currently on display at the Cary Memorial Library is a selection of artwork from Burlington resident and artist, Raksha Soni.  There was an artist reception held at the library on August 4th, 2018, which was attended by over 100 art lovers.

The exhibition is part of her collection called "Passport to India." This collection of 40+ paintings focuses on showing the culture and vibrant spirit of India, from its various festivals to magnificent architecture to its rich mythology and religion. The theme was divided into Divinity, Traditional fork arts – Madhubani and Kalamkari, Indian culture and Architectural beauty of India.

Each painting in the Divinity collection unveils the philosophy and tells a story about Hindu mythology. “Cosmic Waves” painting was one of the highlight of the show displaying how humans, animals and entire universe is mesmerized by the cosmic waves generated from Lord Ganesha's melodious rhythm on Sitar. Audience also admired “Buddha – Peace” displaying how Buddha left the kingdom to attain the peace and spiritual enlightenment; vibrant colors of “Shiva –meditation”, and different forms of Durga in contemporary style.

There are several Madhubani fork arts paintings showing the love of Radha-Krishna, Ram-Sita wedding and other mythological epics. Traditionally, Madhubani art form was passed on from generation to generation of women in the Mithila region of Bihar India. This style painting was traditionally done with twigs, fingers, natural dyes and pigments. Most of the traditional art depicted natural objects like sun, moon and nature, deities from mythological epics, royal courts and weddings.

Paintings related to Indian culture were admired by the attendees, especially “The Villager” (portrait of a common tribal man in traditional attire from Rajasthan), “Necessity – Tribal Women” (a group of Kachchi women getting water from outside), “Sadhu – Concentration” (portrait). Some of the paintings have already been sold, and 20% of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation to support education in tribal and rural India.

The exhibition is on view until August 30th, 2018 in the large meeting room of Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA.

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