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INSPIRATION XIV: Happy Mother’s Day 2018

Sudhir Parikh

INSPIRATION XIV:  Happy Mother’s Day 2018

From :   How to Cultivate Divine LOVE:
By Paramhansa YOGANANDA.

Motherly LOVE is based upon Feelings and Is Unconditional:

Motherly Love is broader.  It is based upon feelings, rather than reason.   True Mother’s  Love is unconditional.   We can say that in many ways, it is more Spiritual and therefore greater than most expression of Love.  God implanted in the heart of a Mother, Love for a child that is Unconditional, regardless of child’s behavior.  Even if child becomes later in life, murder, the mother’s Love remains steady, unchanged; where as the father may be more impatient, and less inclined to forgive!  The unconditional Love of Mother is perhaps the human Love closest to the perfection of God’s Love. 

The true mother forgives her son even no one else will.  That kind exemplifies God’s Love; he forgives his children, no matter what sins they have committed.  Now who could have placed this Love in mother’s heart, say God?  In true maternal Love, God gives us distinct proof, that he Loves unconditionally, no matter how wicked we are, or how many times we have sinned. 

The divine spirit is not a tyrant.  He knows that he has put us out in this world of Delusion – Maya.  He knows we are in trouble; he knows of our struggle.  Man only increases the inner darkness, of the Spiritual ignorance when he thinks of himself as a sinner.   It is better for him to try to correct himself, appealing to the Divine Mother for help, beholding in her the reflection of God’s infinite Love and Forgiveness. 

While I was meditating last night, I sang this Love song to the Divine:

O Divine Mother, I am thy little babe, thy helpless babe,

Secretly seating on thy lap of Immortality.  

I shall steal my way to heaven.

In the shelter of thy lap, I shall steal my way to heaven. 

No karma can touch me, for I am thy babe!  

The little babe, thy helpless babe.  

Secretly on thy lap, I should steal my way to heaven. 

This is the relationship to have with God.  For the love of the Mother, is all forgiving, LOVE of the Mother is the all – forgiving, love of the Divine!  


Matru Devo Bhavah!   Mother is God.    - The Highest tenet of our Culture! 

Swami Vivekannada says that in our culture, woman is Mother. 

We offer our respects to our parents daily …. By bowing down … touching their feet … if they are NOT physically with us then to their picture …. Or at least think of them mentally.  Visualizing ….

Their blessings are always pouring but by thinking of them, the connection is completed.

We can cherish Her memories:

When I think of my Mother, while seeing her Beaming Smile:  

1. Never burn bridges behind with anyone ….

2. Listen to everyone but follow your Heart – Inner Conscience. 

That’s why Purity of Heart is very, very important.    

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