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Healthy Body-Healthy Mind-Boston

Pratibha Shah

Targeted for teens and young adults, this workshop series will be  jointly conducted by Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA) and MindGym Initiative - two non-profits of the greater Boston area. WHA aims to help build healthier communities, through education and information dissemination about simple tools for primary prevention and holistic solutions to health and wellness. MindGym Initiative conducts workshops for teenagers to create awareness about mental chatter and how it impacts our attention making our minds goofy and less efficient.

WHA has recently launched  an initiative called Youth Brigade with the vision of fostering informed and empowered Youth Health leaders in the community. , said Pratibha Shah, founder of WHA and one of the leading Ayurveda experts in the New England area, It is heartening to see the level of engagement of these young citizens and their messages -  from simple ideas about including yummy green recipes in daily diet, to more complex and far reaching awareness about carcinogens in the apparently harmless products that we use daily. These Youth ambassadors are  part of the change they are helping to drive.

WHA collaborated with MindGym to broaden the impact of the youth outreach to include the much needed mind related aspect of holistic health, said Dr. Shah.

In the modern age of fragmented attention that feeds off fifteen-second news cycles, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter alerts, we are all trying our best to focus our attention. However, most of us cannot because we were never taught how to, said Prithvi Raj Banerjee, who is a mindfulness coach and Founder of MindGym Initiative. He is an MIT trained technologist and author of the book Unbox! The Power of Mindful Thinking.

Not knowing how to handle mental chatter leads to much relatable absent mindedness and boredom.We can be much more productive and happy if we know how to handle this chatter - It is a very simple trick actually,” Says Prithvi,”  We teach it in our workshops using a contemporary narrative that uses fun games and mobiles applications.

The first of a series of Healthy Body. Healthy Mind workshops will be conducted at the Winchester Public Library on 31st March 2018 (2-5PM). Participants and their parents can register for this free event here: https://healthy-body-health-mind-boston.eventbrite.com

Wholistic Health Alliance (www.wholistichealthalliance.org) is a nationally launched 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building healthy communities.

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MindGym Initiative (www.unboxednation.com) is a Boston Area based non-profit that conducts free workshops where participants learn  how handle mental chatter using fun games and exercises. Upcoming workshops are posted in the Events section of our website.


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