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Hindi Manch Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2017

Press Release

Hindi Manch organized its signature SaReGaMaPa event, an event that is growing more prestigious with each passing year.  The quality of the presentations was wonderful. This event was indeed another feather in the hat for Hindi Manch.

"One of the things I like best about Hindi Manch is that even after completing almost 9 years and having done more than 50 successful events, the team still works like a united family.. Not only does their work serve a great social cause, they work long hours and they all enjoy and love working with each other. I am truly blessed to be part of this Hindi Manch family," said Preetesh Shrivastava, the founder of Hindi Manch. 

"I am really grateful to everyone who worked to make the event successful. Jharna Madan and Anish Khanzode for  worked tirelessly for many days to make this event successful. Pradeep Shukla, Harish Dang, Sanjay Jain, Smitha Bharadwaj, Vijay Ejenkar, Jayashree Jayashree Rajurkar Shahane, Maneesh Srivastava, Manaswi Sharma, Shweta Saraswati Mathur, Shweta Rawat, Milind Ranade, Meena Sundaram, Ashwini Paranjape Ranade, Ashutosh Ashutosh-Tejal Patel, Sneh Jaisingh, Gaurav Jaisingh, Chirag Parikh, Monisha Prakash took a lead role for this event.

 Pratibha Krishnamurthy, Munendra Yadav, Vikas Rana worked to create a beautiful stage..

Jawed Wahid served as the sound engineer and  provided excellent sound for this demanding event.  

Kay Pee Jewelers, Manish Arora Verizon, Shikha Kapoor and Vinod Kapoor (Masala Art), Narain Bhatia, Palakurthi Foundation Anuradha Palakurthi and Prashanth Palakurthi and LearnQuest Academy and Pradeep Shukla for provided sponsorship.  Sumit Sharma worked on the pictures. 

 Yogita Miharia and Ruchika Arora MCed the event along with  and stage management for Semi-finals.. It was flawless execution..Shamita Behl, Jyoti Justin, Smitha Bharadwaj, Harish Dang and Ajay Jaisingh" said Preetesh. 

The special Hindi Manch village performance,was wonderful. It featured Meena, Suzanna, Shriya Joag, Netra, Noorain, Vijay, Anish, Pankaj, Harsha, Ramarao, Bibek Das, Ishwarya, Manaswi, Neha, Pallavi Gupta, Sanjay Jain, Yogesh Khurana, Shilpa Kadam, Shweta Shangari an Shruta,

The execution and volunteer team and supporters JB Jain, Jyoti Jain, Neha Jain, Babita, Raksha, Amrit, Bhavana, Abhishek, Satish Dentist, Jaya Pandey, Vikas Rana, Ajay Jain, Gopika Narula, Neelam Wali, Eshani Shah, Meera, Mohan, Upendra Mishra, Udupi Nashua Satya, Prithvi Banerjee, Java, Hetal did a tremendous job. 

 Pradeep Shukla, Ravi Torvi, Anuradha Palakurthi, Meena Sundaram, Ramarao, Kiran Nath, Kumkum Dilwali, Shirish Nimgaonkar, Suzana Naik, Vaishnavi, Aditya, Madhu Mathur and Sadhna Upadhyay served as the audition judges.

 Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan Sahib, Aashtha Shukla ji and Sanatan Goswami ji served as the judges for the finale and Jit Saxena was the chief guest. .

We look forward to the event next year. 

Here is the list of winners



    Shreya Madhu- winner
    Sohini Torvi- 1st Runner Up
    Medha Morparia- 2nd Runner Up
    Public Choice: Shreya Madhu


    Juhi Lalwani- Winner
    Anish Sundaram- 1st Runner Up
    Disha Sankholkar- 2nd Runner Up
    Public Choice: Juhi Lalwani


    Shyla Mudur - Winner
    Maitreyi Ratnakar- 1st runner Up
    Harshal Tole- 2nd runner Up
    Public choice: Maitreyi Ratnakar


    Ravi Arora- Winner
    Rakesh Chauhan- 1st Runner Up
    Seshi Sompuram- 2nd Runner Up
    Public Choice: Rakesh Chauhan

Duet - Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

    Shailesh Salgar & Sagar Tayde- Winner
    Amal & Raagini Jawa - 1st Runner Up
    Maneesh Shrivastava & Anisha Mahajan- 2nd Runner Up
    Public Choice: Shailesh Salgar & Sagar Tayde


Ustaad Mashkoor Ali Khan main judge.

Mr. Khan is one of the primary living masters of Kirana Gharana Musical and a recipient of the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi Award, a highest Indian recognition given to practicing artists. He has also presided over the judging panel in several singing competition in India such as prestigious Zee TV SaReGaMaPa in 2016 . 

Mrs. Astha Shukla - Mrs Shukla is a renowned Hindustani classical music teacher from New Jersey

Pandit Sanatan Goswami is an accomplished Harmonium accompanist who has collaborated with stalwarts like Girija Devi, Pt Ajoy Charaborty, Pt. Rajan and Sajan Mishra. 

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