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Strings N Beats - A Delightful Experience

Ranjani Saigal

In the Indian tradition when rhythm music and movement blend together in perfect unison what results is sheer magic. The String N Beats concert combined music and dance is a beautiful fashion making the experience delightful for the audience. The concert was hosted at the Cary Memorial Hall in Lexington, MA on Sunday, Nov 19 2017. Kathak danseuse Shambhavi Dandekar along with Shakir Khan on the sitar and Harshad Kanetkar on the Tabla dazzled the audience with their brilliant performance. 

Lexington Symphony Orchestra, Lexington Community Education, the Indian Association of Lexington and the Cary Memorial Library joined hands with Shadaj to bring “Strings N Beats” dance and sitar program.

Shakir Khan (Sitar) is a leading disciple of his father Ustad Shahid Parvez.  Shambhavi Dandekar is a disciple of her mother Pandita Maneesha Sathe. Shambhavi also has had extensive training in Laykari and aesthetics of Tala from Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar, whose disciple Harshad Kanetkar played the Tabla.

The concert had a beautiful mix of dance and music in a “conversation” mode where the dancer and musicians played off of each other to create a beautiful visual display. The concert was created skillfully to allow each artist to fully display their talent while at the same time -work with each other in a seamless manner. 

 Shakir Khan stands out for his exquisite sense of sur (melody) and laya (rhythm).  His Raga elaborations where beautiful and left the audience wanting more.
Shambavi’s strong sense of rhythm allowed her to present complex patterns in Kathak style that was matched perfectly by the brilliant Tabla playing by Harshad Kanetkar. 

The concert was almost in an extended lecture demonstration mode where the artists were able to explain the framework of rhythm and also give a lovely presentation. It was indeed a treat to watch expression, emotion and mastery over rhythm all coming together beautifully

We look forward to more such presentations from Shadaj. 

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