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Why Be Vegetarian! Or Why Stay Away From Non-Vegetarian Food

Sudhir Parikh

Why Be Vegetarian!  or
Why Stay away from Non-Vegetarian Food

Turning Point in My life:

When we were in College, it was a fashion to eat Mutton Bhajia.   So I must have tried that a couple of times.  Fish, I could NOT stand the smell – Bad, Bad, Bad Odor!  During my high school days, I and my brother, Mahesh were very skinny.  One of our Vora neighbors convinced my parents to give us one Egg mixed in One tall glass of Milk to build our body.  So our parents did that without telling us (Sneaky!).   We knew it was something strange from the odor and taste but we did not mind it as we got used to it.  So in College we ate Omelets number of times. 

A little Digression:  

{Since we were living in Vorvad and ours was the first Hindu family house on the street.  Vora-vaad means the street where Voras live.  Voras are converted Nagar Brahmins and even to-day they do not call them Muslims but Voras!   Nagar Bhrahmins considered themselves as highest level caste, supposedly, very proud, very high self-esteemed, sweet and soft talking group.  Vaishnav Jan to tene re kahiye ... (We call them God’s devotee composed by Narshih Mehta – who composed many Bhajans (Devotional Songs) based upon very high complicated Vedic Philosophies into very simple colloquial Gujarati Language)   Mahatma Gandhi ji's most loved Bhajan.   Those who have seen Gandhi Movie of Richard Attenborough (Must see Movie!) would remember the rendition of this Bhajan.  Very simply this Bhajan describes the qualities of Vaishnavas – Devotees.   Jhaveri-Zaveri-Shah, Desai and Parikh Families belong to Vaishnava group of Shree Vallabhacharya.   Also Gandhi movie played in the background, Raghupati Ragav Rajaram, as Gandhi wished to establish Ram - Rajya meaning the Rule of Lord Rama.

Getting back on track:  One time, one of our close friends, Ashwin Desai, insisted that I should try Chicken, when we were in Wisconsin Dells and I tried it!  I might have Chicken varieties, may be 4 – 5 times, since then.  When I was working for GE (General Electric), we (My Manager John Bock and I), were on Business Trip.  While munching on appetizer, I ordered Chicken, as main meal.  So John expressed his shock, "You told me that U are vegetarian, and why are U ordering Chicken?"  So I told him, since there was no item, even Egg items on menu.... He said, "we can go to another restaurant.... we do not have to eat here!" "Well, since we already ate appetizer..."  "so what?  We will pay for that and let's go ..." That appealed to my Heart so much that even my Boss has high Respect for my feelings!   That was the last time I ever thought of eating non-veg!  (1967 or 68)

Another, little digression:  Rashmi Chokshi, Ashwin Desai and I came to USA together on Aug 31st 1964.  Engineering College and we studied together (literally) for four-five years. My USA returned brother-in-law Kanubhai made a list for me as to what Egg varieties available in USA that we can eat.  Then at the bottom of the list he put down, Hamburger(?).  He said, try it, you may like it!  Very first day in NY (Sept 2nd, 1964), we saw the sign for Hamburger for 35 Cents.   I said, "Hey, let's check the list.... I think, it is there !!!!!"   When we got it, we knew it was NOT egg but some kind of meat .... but we had hardly 6 dollars in our pocket... so can't afford to waste it?  Within a week I reached Stillwater, Oklahoma and our apartment was right across from MacDonald, boasting ‘sold Hamburgers over Millions’ .... I proposed to my neighbor K. Bhasker to go for it!  He asked me, "Do U know what is Hamburger?"  "NO!"  "Well, it is Beef!"  "Well, what is Beef?"  "It is the meat from Calf?"  "What is Calf?"  "Baby Cow!!!!!"  I burst into tears!  "Oh my God, What have I done?"  That was the last time I ever thought of eating Hamburger!"

Indian parents may feel that, since their children will be living in USA, they should get them used to eating Meat from childhood.  So they may start feeding them, meat mixed in Baby food. One 7 year young boy asked, that why they were fed Fish Sticks etc... while parents did NOT eat.  So dad explained to him what is Meat and why they did not eat, as parents were never raised that way ..... Boy said, Ok he will NOT eat anymore either!  So the father was very Happy....  A couple years younger brother just followed.  Boy was around 7 so dad asked them, at least to finish what we had in the Freezer!  He said ...Noppe.... No more!  Patents do not like to throw away any food ... but ... NO CHOICE! 

When that boy became teenager, he said, "Dad, I have Confession to make!  I have started eating meat, when I go to Barbeque to my friends' home."  Dad said, "I understand!   I wondered about that ... But since you have admitted, Plz do not eat when we are on the same dinner table.  Just so that you know that we do not approve that practice & to respect our belief system."  He said OK! 

It does bother me a lot that my Family and esp. close friends enjoy eating meat!  This ThanxGiving (2015), how they will be preparing, stuffing Turkey etc, that too enthusiastically, energetically ... churned my Heart INSIDE OUT!  I made up my mind that I have to do something to REPENT ... Gandhiji taught us ... one of the ways to appeal to others' conscience – Heart, is to Go on Fasting.  Blessed are PURE in their Heart, for they shall see God!  So I decided to FAST that day!  And this is JUST the Beginning! 

Now, Question is:  If the Majority of the world eats non-veg, then why should we be against it?  Well, I am Different and I have been acting different all my life! I am Born to do something different in my life then just to follow others or Majority.  I believe very Strongly that this is one case, where Majority is Wrong! 

I.               Let me start with Physical Aspect First:

Physically and Physiologically our Human Bodies are designed similar to Herbivorous (H) Animals, not Carnivorous (C). 

So what R the differences: 

1.  Vegetarians (Herbivorous-H) have molars, while Carnivorous (C) has Sharp teeth to tear into flesh. 

2.  H has 5 to six times longer intestine than their height while C has 3 to 4 feet.  Meat should be eliminated from system very fast as it starts fermenting – putrefying faster than Vegetarian food.

3.  Digestive juices are more acidic for C as to digest – break down meat quicker.  That's why meat eater needs wine along with their food!

4.  Four aspects of our lives, as per Scriptures:  A. Ahar – Food, B. Nidra – Sleep, C. Maithun – Procreation and D.  Bhaya – Fear are same in animals as well as Humans.  (I say, More we have them, more we Want them!  Less we have them, less we Need them!!)

What differentiates Humans v/s Animals is that Humans are given fully developable Potential Mind – Intellect – the Discriminating power as opposed to Animals.  Animals live by instincts. 

Think about the Biggest animal, Elephant is Vegetarian!  One of the fastest running animals, Horse is vegetarian! All cattle are Vegetarians!

Humans have the power to analyze, discriminate and act wisely!

I read one article long time back that the amount of grains that has to be fed to Animals and the amount of land required to feed animals so much that we can grow plenty more Vegetables to satisfy the need for Both, Animals and Humans.

Another Important Aspect is the way the animals are treated (Inhumanly) before they are killed, which would create fear and consequently high level of Stress Hormones that would be released, which is imparted to consumers.

Also, in order to make more meat, Animals are fed special Hormones so they give more meat.  Ultimately, those hormones end up in Humans.  Also the preservatives required to keep meat fresh looking and tender could be harmful to Human system.  I vaguely remember something about the presence of Urea (Urine) make meat Tender?  We rather Drink our own Urine which is supposed be healthier by some Zealots!  Oh, the first Urine of the day!  I know it is very good for Acnes!   Watch out Dermatologists! 

The Animal meat is second hand Vegetarian, as these Animals are Vegetarian anyway

II.            According to the Secret Discoveries behind Iron Curtain (Former USSR); 

Karlian Photography showed that in 3 to 4 hours meat looses it’s Prana – Life Force - Energy, meaning it is Dead!  While Vegetables live longtime.  So Vegetarians consumes Live Food as opposed to Dead Meat!  Think about C animals, they eat Live Meat!  They usually do not touch old stale meat. 

Kirlian Photography Pictures:


Cooked v/c Natural Vegetables


Meat v/s Apple


Effect of Meditation


III.           Now from Religious point of View: 

Esp.  Hindus.  Satya Saibaba defined that – 'Hin' represents 'Hinsa' (Violence!), 'Du' represents – Dur Rahe – Stay Away!  Anyone, who stays away from any form of Violence, is Hindu!  By that Definition:  We all have to become Hindu, we may be born Hindu but we have to practice!  Even irritation ... leading to Anger is the form of Violence!  Help Ever, Hurt Never (Satya Sai).  We should NOT even hurt anyone's feelings.  We should not even think about hurting anyone!

Well, all the Formal Eastern religions:  Hinduism - Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, the very first tenet is Ahimsa Parmo Dharm.  Our first and Foremost duty and responsibility is to observe Non- Violence!   

Patanjali's Raj YOGA Sutra, the First Yama – Control is Ahimsa- NonViolence.  I think, the first Commandment is Thou Shall NOT Kill!  Selfish Humans interpret that as referring to only fellow Human-beings.  Animals are created for Human Consumption.  Otherwise, this world will have too many animals and duty is discharged to Humans to bring balance!!!!! 

 Hindus believe in Vasudhaiv Kutumbaksm.  Vasudha means – Mother Earth.  Vasudhaiv meaning, any living Creature on Earth, belongs to one Family.  How can you hurt or kill another Living Creature?  I know, it is easy said than done!  In order to pamper our Ego, we go on hurting our Loved ones on ongoing basis!

Tony Robbins is Vegetarian and is also promoting Vegetarianism.  He sighted many Great man as Vegetarians.    I liked his suggestion that any food less than 70 % Liquid would clog our system and more than 70% Liquid or water content naturally present in food is cleansing our system. 

Dada Shyam:  J P Vaswani of Sadhu Vaswani Center promotes his Birthday of 25th November as a Meatless Day.  

As you sow, So shall U reap!  Every cause has an effect and every effect has to have a cause!  If that is the case, then how we keep on hurting nature believing that we will NOT have to pay for it?   Last year, I asked one Kathakar, that why there are so many natural disasters!    His response was People keep killing everyday and don't they have to pay for it?  Many a times I keep wondering, is there such thing as Innocent people?   Don't we receive what we deserve!   Violence begets Violence!  Swami Vidit Atmanda keep emphasizing in his talk on YOGA of Equanimity:  That everything is in order!  I am pretty sure we can justify or rationalize our right or wrong actions!   In our mind, we do not do anything wrong!  We believe, what we do is right! 

Well, with these thoughts, I have a firm conviction, that any action taken with intention is binding Karma and we will have to be prepared for the Consequences!   We can get lost in this kind of discussion:  As the nature of the Laws of Action is very mysterious!  

So if we follow very simply:  Help Ever, Hurt Never! 

IV.         In that Spirit:  I would like to propose:

Start with a day in a week as your fasting day.  At least, as a MEATLESS Day, on that day under any and all circumstances, no meat.  Try to go for as much as possible Satwik Diet.  What is Satwik?  All the Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, not even grains but may be, include green Beans, Legume, only green Spices.  Minimum prepared - processed food. 

Then keep on adding one more day a week, until you become totally Vegetarian!  U can follow the same with eggs, next in line.  Then intoxicants!  Sooner the better!  We say, Shubhasya Shighram!  Anything Good for us, sooner, the better!   

V.              Shreyas v/s Preyas:

 Shreyas – something better for us v/s Preyas – something we love to do in-spite of knowing that it is harmful.  So the beauty is in making everything Shreyas as our Preyas! 

May God bless us!

Very recently, during our last meeting with Dr. Vinodbhai Sodha, he stated that we do NOT put regular gas in High test Premium gas car?  Well, we will NOT put regular gas in Diesel car and vice verse.  Then a thought flashed that why we put meat in our system, while our body is designed for Vegetarian food? 

During my morning YOGA Sadhana to-day, thought flashed that in why Krishna asked Pandavas to kill Kauravas and their supporters?  You should watch MahaBharat with English subtitles produced by B. R. Chopra, it has probably over 100, 30 minutes episodes on youtube.  Esp. 70 series where Krishna Explains the Pearls of Wisdom of Geeta.  Briefly, to my understanding, Krishna emphasized that it is our Duty (Dharma) to set right what is adhrama  (Injustice!).   He also explained what is justice and injustice.   When selected specific people on the other side, he explained to Arjun why to kill those people, who happened to be his Guru, Grand father, cousins etc.  Krishna tried to convince Kauravas to change their position before the war.  He offered even the compromise to give five Villages to five Pandava brothers in settlement but they would not accept that.  So War became inevitable!   

In Vedas or Hindu Scriptures, there is No such word as RIGHT!  It is our Duty (Dharma!) to perform!  Our actions have to be Duty bound, not by our Likes and dislikes! 

Basically, My Father’s Day (2016) Wish is that all readers of this article to be Vegetarian and eventually even become only Satwik food consumers and promote Vegetarianism! 

I  welcome, any suggestions to improve the impact of this message!   Also correct the spellings, Grammar, sentence construction so that it can better communicate the message!  

God bless us with Great Wisdom!  Recite Gayatri Mantra!    Where we pray (Meditate) for making our Intelligence as bright as Sun!    

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