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In Conversation With Aruna Miller

Ranjani Saigal

“As an engineer and a Maryland State Delegate, I am a problem solver who makes sure that the government works for the people. I was drawn to public service because it allowed me to be a part of the solution to the everyday issues that people face. Washington can best serve America when it is a true reflection of all Americans. I believe that when we build upon the promise and diversity of America, there is nothing our country cannot achieve — not just for some of us, but for all of us” says Aruna Miller, who is now running for congress from Maryland’s 6th District. 

Miller is a democrat who has had a very successful tenure as a delegate in the Maryland Legislature.  She has been a leader on progressive issues helping pass a variety of legislation from ending capital punishment to increasing minimum wage in the State of Maryland.  

She has great interest in promoting STEM education, which she thinks is critical for the future of the US. “I want our children from Kindergarten up to learning programing. I would like to provide our teachers the appropriate STEM training so that they can support the children appropriately” says Miller. 

What is her immigrant story? “  My father, a mechanical engineer student came to study in the US.  My mother, my siblings and I stayed in India till he could afford to bring us over.  It was February 1972, and I was 7 years-old. I can still remember that snowy day, tucked away safely in my dad’s arms, as we stepped off the plane in New York City. I didn’t know it then, but America had just welcomed me home, and it was my turn to give up who I had been for what I was to become, an American.
I learned English, attended public schools, and quickly adapted to my new world. When I was a senior in high school, my father faced a major health crisis and eventually lost his job. I got a job working at a fast food restaurant. I applied for student loans, obtained Pell grants, and worked my way through college to become a civil engineer. I married my college sweetheart, we moved to Maryland, built a home, and together we raised three daughters – Meena, Chloe, and Sasha – and a few dogs, “ says Aruna

“I chose a career in public service and worked for 25 years as a Transportation Engineer for Montgomery County and other local governments. My political interest was sparked by the Bush v Gore election in 2000, where the fate of our country was not determined by the voters but rather by the Supreme Court. It was then I realized Democracy needed me. 

“In 2010, I ran for and was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates for the 15th Legislative District. As an engineer I’ve seen first hand what a big impact small legislative changes can have on people’s lives. My legislation is designed not to check partisan boxes but to help people in their daily lives. I have continually stood up for a progressive agenda to benefit working families, women, children, and seniors. I believe a strong economy starts with high-quality education and the best investment is in our public schools. I worked in partnership with academic and business leaders to invest in STEM education, help to streamline the regulatory process for small businesses, and bring 21st century jobs to Maryland. With my background in engineering, I worked to invest in our infrastructure so that people of all abilities have equitable access to their community and jobs. I also believe we must conserve and preserve the planet for future generations. My past, present, and future have culminated into one purpose – to give the best of myself every day to champion the needs of other people in the community, “ says Miller

“I have been endorsed by several Indian congressmen and women including Pramila Jaypal and Raja Krishnamoorthi. I thank the Indian community for its support of my candidacy.”

To learn more about Aruna Miller and her campaign please check out her website https://www.arunamillerforcongress.com/

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