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Rangoli Celebration At Satsang Center

Bina Morparia

Another year of joyous Rangoli celebration at SATSANG Center on October 9th. This year was remarkable as the kids entries outnumbered the adults. Kids aged from 2.5 years to 15 years gathered at SATSANG Center and immersed themselves in the colors of Rangoli. It was amazing to see how parents were also trying hard to assist some kids, who had made it clear to work independently!! DR. JAVA Joshi graced the event with her judgement and smiles as always. One of her comments was "I guess my competition is right here!!!" she was truly amazed at what the kids effort in pulling the designs, colors and getting creative as well. We ended the day with a small prize distribution ceremony for all the participants followed by light refreshments.

Her (Dr. Java Joshi of Creative Arts) specific comments on Results - (Out of some 30 + entries, here are the winners!

Adults -
1st - Roopal Patel- very difficult design but did an amazing job
2nd -Ami Toprani- Ganpati - very creative representation of Ganpati

12-16 years-
1st - Saachi Joshi - Baal Ganesh, very unique and cute idea
2nd -Khushi Morparia - very neatly done, very good color combination

Special mention - Tanay Dalmia- this was a different idea and very well done

8-12 years -
1st - Aditi Wadhwa - (with spoon)very creative, unique idea for Rangoli.
2nd - Veda Rajagopalan - very beautiful design

Special mention - Vivek Patel - creative work

Shriya Patel - nice color combination

Less then 8 years -
1st - Ashi and Hrishaan - excellent color combination, superb work for this age
2nd - Tanish Dalmia - good imagination, and good use of different material

Special Mention Ziva Toprani - beautiful art work

Sanaya - creative work

Less then 5 years -
1st - Vyana- very neat work
2nd - Aditya Wadhwa - different and creative

Special mention - Riha Toprani - very good effort

All the Rangolis are displayed in SATSANG Center. Please come and enjoy the beautiful creations as we get to celebrate our festive week @ SATSANG Center.

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Rangoli Celebration At Satsang Center

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